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July 18, 2017

Ticket Booster: Add-On Extension Service

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We’ve got an idea for an easy way to boost both your ticket and your client loyalty—a clip-in extension lesson! Here’s how it’s done.


Hairlocs Head of Education Kat Lewis shows us how she upgraded her client’s look with Clip-N-Go Extensions. Her client wanted something versatile (and removable), and the Clip-N-Go Extensions were the perfect solution.


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Products Used


Clip-N-Go Extension Lesson


  1. Select the Clip-N-Go Extensions pack you need—they come in 12 shades with nine 20-inch pieces in a pack.


  1. Show your client the installation and care instructions in the Clip-N-Go pack, and discuss the importance of following the care regime.


  1. Create your first section at the back. Kat likes to take U-shaped sections—explain to your client that a curved section delivers a more natural result.


  1. Continue the installation while explaining to your client why you are placing each piece where you are. Depending on the client’s weight line, she can move her clip-ins a little higher or lower—you are the expert, so let her know your expert opinion!


  1. After you finish the installation, shape the clip-ins with shears to give her a truly customized result. Style her up and send her home!


Watch the installation!

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