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February 26, 2015

Throwback Styles Walk the Runway

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Classic looks never go out of style. From a 1920s faux-bob to a Bridget Bardot-inspired bouffant, a 70s afro and long bohemian curls, these looks are always in fashion and are a fun way to reinvigorate your client’s looks for any occasion. Here’s how you can create these retro-chic styles.


The Show: Marchesa
Lead Stylist: Antonio Corral Calero, Moroccanoil


Inspired by the soft sensuality and opium desire of the 1920s Gatsby-era, Antonio created the glamorous faux-bob style at the Marchesa Fall/Winter 2015 show. The finished look was an ultra-glamorous wavy style that is perfect for an evening look.



1. Starting with damp hair, apply a cocktail of Moroccanoil Treatment and Volumizing Mousse from root-to-tip to create the perfect styling foundation. To ensure lift, apply Moroccanoil Root Boost to the roots of the hair throughout the entire head, and rough-dry the hair. 


2. Once dry, create a deep, left side part. The part should start directly above the arch of the brow and continue to the crown of the head on a slightly rounded angle.


3. Beginning at the nape of the neck, wrap ½-inch sections of hair backward around a ¾-inch barrel iron. Continue this motion until you reach the crown. 


4. At the sides and top of the head, wrap ½-inch sections of hair forward (toward the face) around a ¾-inch barrel iron. The change in motion will allow the hair to fall into a 20s finger curl wave pattern.


5. Once cooled, brush through hair with the Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Classic Brush. This will drop the tight curls into soft, shiny waves.


6. Next, pull the hair at the back of the head into a low, loose ponytail and secure with a clear elastic. Roll the pony under—tucking in all of the hair—and secure to the nape of the neck with bobby pins. This will create the faux bob.


7. With fingers, comb and roll the hair at the sides back and under, and secure into the bob at the back of the head. Then loosen up the waves with fingers for an undone, natural look.


8. Mist the entire style with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray for strong hold, and then finish with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine.



The Show: Georgine
Lead Stylist: Ric Pipino


For the Georgine Fall/Winter runway, the look was inspired by the style of the 20s and 30s, but the overall shape and feel of the hair gave off a classic 70s vibe. Using wigs and shaping and cutting them to achieve the exact look Ric was after, he created a strong “European Café” style that was both strong and modern (think Foxy Brown).



1. Cut and style wig into a very strong angular shape; short bob style that is short at the nape and longer in front. Then flatten the entire crown area, creating a wedge shape.


2. Smooth the curls using Alterna Haircare BAMBOO Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist, which will help control the frizz.


3. Secure the look with Alterna Haircare CAVIAR Perfect Texture Finishing Spray.


4. Add a little shine and enhance the curl by adding a small amount of Alterna Haircare BAMBOO Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Micromist.



The Show: Badgley Mischka
Lead Stylist: Peter Gray, Moroccanoil


Ornate, gilded textures and colors of 1940s glamour and the sultriness of Rita Hayworth come to life in his voluminous ‘do. Peter added in a modern twist, giving the style a sexy “walk of shame” (or as he calls it, “stride of pride”) look, creating a loose, textured twist with a sexy edge. To complement the style, he added a gilded rose into the back of the hair.



1. Starting with clean hair, lightly mist hair with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to create strong, shiny foundation.


2. Rough-dry the hair with fingertips to create loose, piece-y texture.


3. With large, 1½-inch barrel curling iron, curl 2-inch sections of hair in opposite directions.  Spritz Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to create soft definition and strong hold.


4. Apply NEW Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo directly to the roots to create the gritty, lived-in, “walk of shame” texture.  Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo is specially formulated to meet hair’s tonality needs—the Light Tones for blondes and Dark Tones for brunettes will completely texturize and mattify the hair .


5. Starting at the crown, backcomb hair in 1½-inch sections, moving from crown toward the front of the hair. **stylist tip: to ensure even crown height, count number of brush strokes and gradually increase strokes as you work toward the top of head.


6. Once the crown is teased, pull sections from the ear to the temple on both sides and twist toward the back. At the back of the head, secure twists with bobby pins in an “x” shape and mist Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to ensure long-lasting hold.


7. Finish by putting the ornate metallic rose into the twist and mist a generous amount of Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to create a shiny, runway-ready style.



The Show: Giulietta
Lead Stylist: Diego Da Silva, Rene Furterer


Inspired by the Bertolucci masterpiece The Conformist, a 1970s take on the 1930s era, the collection captured the spirit of the glamour of the 1930s, but in a very modern way. Diego, therefore created modern finger waves just in the front, and kept the hair in the back very natural.



1. First,  make a deep side part, and then lightly spray the hair with water. Starting on the right side of the part, with the length of the hair in back twisted and clipped to get it out of the way, smooth down the hair around the face with René Furterer VEGETAL SCULPTING GEL. Apply it a little at a time with your fingertips to make the hair very shiny and sleek, and then comb it through to evenly distribute the gel, smoothing the gelled hair down with your fingers, and then pushing the comb with your fingers to keep hair shiny and close to the head, like a helmet.


2. Using the end of a rattail comb, push the hair into an S-shaped finger wave on the right side of the part, almost in line with the arch of the eyebrow. If you see any separation in the hair, add more SCULPTING GEL with your fingers. Plus it’s light you can add a lot. 


3. Next, on the low side of the part, smooth hair around the face, just above the ears with the SCULPTING GEL, combing it through very low to the ear, and move the rest of the section behind the ears with your comb. Again, using the tail end of the rattail comb, smooth and shape the hair into a finger wave, placing the curve of the wave to align with the angle of the cheekbone.


4. After sculpting the finger waves, blow-dry the gelled hair using a sock attachment to diffuse the airflow. The diffused heat seals in the wave and shine, and also keeps the smoothed-down hair from separating.


5. For the very clean and natural finish in back, blow-dry the hair using a nozzle attachment and round brush to keep the hair smooth. Before blow-drying each section, spray each one with René Furterer VOLUMEA Volumizing Conditioning Spray – No Rinse. You don’t want too much volume, but you do want a nice shine and texture.


6. Clip hair behind each ear with tissue to keep the hair from separating. To finish the look and add that magical shine, give the hair an allover quick misting of René Furterer GLOSSING SPRAY



The Show: Joie
Lead Stylist: Maranda


Going for an Ossie Clark London moment, models sported a 70s-inspired look, with long, cool textured hair, all parted down the middle.


1. Mix KEVIN.MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY and KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.RESORT was applied to wet hair before blow-drying, adding volume and texture. For the show, models were given long extensions so the hair was then blended slightly using hot tools.


2. EASY.RIDER, an anti-frizz crème was applied throughout the ends for a flexible hold.


3. The look was finished with SESSION.SPRAY misted lightly all over the head.

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