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July 18, 2016

Thom Priano’s Trending Tips for Men

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Top men’s stylist Thom Priano creates the looks for Abercrombie and Fitch, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and GQ Magazine. Men’s Fashion Weeks used to be rather staid affairs—lots of natty suits, a few cardigan sweaters and crisp, executive haircuts. But in recent years, menswear has gained on the ladies when it comes to originality and individuality, and men’s grooming on the catwalk is following suit. The Fall 2014 men’s collections were particularly lively, with plenty of trends on view. Thom reveals his top four picks.



“You get two-for-one with this look,” says Thom. “The fringe can be worn forward or pushed back for a sleek look. Basically, it’s the same cut with a variety of fringe treatments, from angled to texturized to solid.”


Cutting tip: Create the perimeter, back and sides with clippers and a #4 guard. Gradually increase the length as work progresses to the top.


Grooming tip: “I’m into a matte finish right now,” comments Thom. “R+Co Conformist Hairspray on the fringe area will create texture without too much shine.”



Tailored quiffs like this straddle dual worlds for guys—he can be polished, but still hint that he was born to rock and roll!


Cutting tip: The entire cut is created with a clipper. Cut the nape and sides with a #2 guard, then at the recession parting, switch to a #3. Leave two-to-three inches on top. “This cut doesn’t have to blend on the sides,” Thom comments. “Some slight disconnection is ok.”


Grooming tip: Mold damp hair into place with a malleable formula like R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse. Once the hair is dry, shape it with a wide-tooth comb and mist with hairspray to set the look.



“Beards are making an important statement this season,” declares Thom. “In many cases the cut is secondary—it’s all about the beard.”


Grooming tip: To balance a large beard, keep hair short—all over or clipped on the sides with a longer top section. To create a glossy finish, apply a formula like R+Co Continental Glossing Wax. Treat beards with an oil like R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil, which will leave the hair conditioned and shiny



Long, disheveled locks evoked romance on many runways.


Texture tips: The key to keeping long hair looking masculine is the texture. “It has to look rough,” says Thom. A texturizing spray like R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray produces the right amount of rumple on straight and wavy textures—mist it on damp hair, let it dry and add some R+Co Continental Glossy Wax for shine and separation. To create curl consistency, Thom likes a leave-in like Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner, which forms plump coils without frizz.

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