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March 7, 2017

These New Boards Will Help You Color Like Never Before

This new tool is creating TONS of buzz in the beauty industry. Here are six reasons why.

These New Boards Will Help You Color Like Never Before


If you follow Behind the Chair, you know we believe in a few basic hairdressing truths.

1. Hairdressers touch more hearts than hair.
2. Good is the enemy of great.
3. Nobody gets hairdressers (and knows what you need behind the chair) better than your fellow stylists.

That’s why when we see an innovative product developed by a hardworking hairdresser, we track down that hairdresser and get all the deets!

Enter brothers Michael and Ben Barnes, the inventors of the Singletrack Hair Color Board. Michael and Ben own a salon in Scottsdale, Ariz. and have worked behind the chair for more than 20 years. Up until a few years ago, they used pieces of Home Depot Plexiglass(!) to apply haircolor in their salon. “It was expensive, it was hard to cut, it had sharp edges…and it worked,” shares Michael. “But we knew we could make it better. We knew if we turned our idea into an actual haircoloring tool, we could help so many other stylists.”

And so, Singletrack was born. And seven years later, it’s building a TON of buzz in the industry. Why? Here’s what we found out.

1. It allows you to go hands free.
What separates Singletrack from other balayage boards is its telescoping tube, which creates a “single track” from your body to your client’s head with a hard painting surface between the two. You can adjust the length of this tube to maximize comfort no matter your arm length, body position or body shape, and a chest pad resting against your body ensures you have two free hands! So you can do MUCH more when working with multiple color formulas. And having two free hands to work with? Definitely a time-saver.

2. It holds up to 30 foils!
Another point of difference? You can wrap up to 30 foils around the board at once and remove them one at a time as you apply color—meaning no more asking an assistant (or your client) to hand you foils. The board also has super convenient tabs that hold the foils in place—say goodbye to flying foils while you’re trying to work!


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3. It gives you more control over your color application.
Singletrack boards are perfect for when you’re doing an all-over, heavy foil (whether for highlights, lowlights or back-to-back colors) because a) you’re able to get the foils super close to the scalp, and b) they greatly reduce slipping in the nape. Also, when angling foils from the back to the front for a face frame, you can easily adjust the board to be perpendicular with the head, making the process much easier.

4. It works with ALL haircoloring techniques. 
“We know that haircoloring techniques change rapidly in this industry,” says Ben. “And the most important thing to us was that we make something that would be universally helpful for all the techniques we already use—like highlighting and lowlighting—and also anything that would come out in the future.” That means Singletrack can be used for any haircoloring technique—including balayage, color melting, block coloring, traditional foiling and foilage. 


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5. It helps control saturation.
Ask any balayage expert for their best hair-painting tips, and one of them will most likely have to do with controlling saturation. One of the best things about Singletrack? The board allows you to paint with super-precise and complete saturation. They also give you a cleaner and more accurate application. When you hand-paint hair and lay it down onto the other hair without a barrier, it doesn’t always process right—it can bleed and make a mess, especially if you’re an inexperienced stylist. “What we found,” says Ben, “is that with Singletrack, you can still use a balayage technique, but let your work process in long foils, which prevents bleeding. This instantly makes your work that much cleaner, that much more accurate and that much more efficient.”


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6. The size of the board is a game-changer.
You’ve probably seen photos or videos of a new technique in which colorists spread their clients’ hair on a table or counter to paint and process. Singletrack boards allow you to get the same color results…without having to ask your client to lay their hair on a horizontal surface. Plus, the large size of the board (compared to most other color planchettes) allows you to paint and foil bigger sections. And the bigger the section? The faster the process.


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