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November 18, 2015

These Formulas Saved My Life in the Salon!


Stashed in the bags of every beauty maven with access to all the Crème de la Mer and other fancy items in the world are always the tried and true, go-to, workhorses. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. Cetaphil Cleanser. Elizabeth Arden 24 Hour Cream. Products like these are affordable and effective—they get the job done without fanfare.

Peek into the bags or dispensaries of the top haircolor pros, and you’ll probably find their secret weapon—emphasis on the word “secret.” For years, Clairol Professional Liquicolor Permanente Haircolor has been the go-to to get countless color jobs done, effectively and beautifully.

“It’s gorgeous,” declares Clairol Professional Top Artist Anita Gutierrez. “It’s as simple as that.”

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Anita routinely fields calls and questions from haircolorists in distress—and she always has a Clairol Professional solution. From Anita’s secret logbook—here are four situations where Clairol Professional saved the day!

1. Help! My mid-level, gray coverage client is crazy brassy!
The situation: Stylist was using 5N to cover gray on a Level 5 client with 20 percent gray. Client complains that her hair was going brassy less than two weeks after her color service.
Anita’s fix: Retouch with your 5N, but tone the brass with Clairol Professional Liquicolor Permanente 6A + 10-volume developer, applied to towel-dried hair. Leave the toner on no longer than five minutes and check frequently. Why? The 5N contains yellow and red; brunettes often have warm undertones. Combine that with heat styling and exposure to the elements and brass happens, so you need an ash tone to squelch the warmth. “I love using Liquicolor with 10-volume developer as a toner,” declares Anita. It’s so quick—in five minutes—brassiness is gone. It’s perfect when time is tight.”


2. Help! My client’s bright red color keeps fading to yucky copper!
The situation: Stylist was using 5R on a natural Level 5, no gray, and in no time, the rich red fades to copper.
Anita’s fix: “We have the RR series now, which packs a double dose of dye,” says Anita. “So I suggest using Clairol Professional Liquicolor Permanente 5RR + 20-volume developer at the roots and 6RR + 10-volume developer on midlengths and ends. Spritz the lengths with water first to protect the hair. The result will be a rich, vivid red.”

Reveal Your Liquicolor Permanente Secret using #liquidcolorconfessions!

3. Help! I need the most effective way to cover long, gray hair.
The situation: Virgin Level 4 client with bra-strap length hair is 50 percent gray and wants even, effective gray coverage.
Anita’s fix: “This calls for Clairol Professional NN Gray Busters! They don’t sit on top of the strands; they flow so easily, right into that resistant, non-pigmented hair. You can use a bottle or a bowl and brush. If you’re used to a bottle, mix the color with Clairoxide. Bottle applications are so quick—you can work on two clients at a time. If you use a bowl and brush, use Clairol Professional Pure White as your developer. My advice for this client would be to apply 4NN + 20-volume developer on the regrowth and process up to 45 minutes. Shampoo, towel dry and apply Clairol Professional Radiance Color Gloss 4N to all of the hair at the bowl, leave it on up to five minutes and rinse, don’t shampoo. Radiance is a translucent, liquid demi-permenant that covers beautifully. I can’t go a day without it in the salon!”

4. Help! I’m booked solid and need a quick way to retouch and foil.
The situation: Natural Level 4 foil highlight client is lightened to cool Level 6.
Anita’s fix: “Do it between the foils! Apply foil highlights with Clairol BW2 + 20-volume. Then use a bottle applicator to apply Clairol Liquicolor Permanente 6AA + 20-volume developer to the regrowth. It’s quick and precise—push the nozzle and the color goes on and stays exactly where you put it with no overlapping. It’s the perfect ‘Jennifer Aniston’ formula!”

Reveal Your Liquicolor Permanente Secret using #liquidcolorconfessions!