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March 17, 2017

The Vintage Bride: 3 Essential Styles

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As her bridal stylist, you have to help her carefully select a style that encapsulates the vision she’s had for this day since she was eight years old. You must capture the essence of her Pinterest board and create a style that will complement the most important element of the occasion—her dress. So if vintage is her thing, where does that leave the hair? For help, we turned to updo specialist and BTC #ONESHOT winner Jenny Strebe (@theconfessionsofahairstylist), who’s hosting an updo techniques webinar on Monday, March 20!

“When a bride brings in a photo of a vintage dress, I tend to ask more questions,” says Jenny. “Is she a modern vintage lover or a true vintage gal? This is really important when choosing the hairstyle. Some brides want to stay true to the era, so in that case, I try to find hair inspiration from that time, then add a modern twist.” Here are three looks from Jenny that will pair perfectly with her vintage gown.

Faux Bob and Gatsby Waves
She told you she wants to look like she stepped out of a 1920s jazz bar. Your go-to? The faux bob, which is great for all face shapes. You can easily adjust the length of the bob depending on her hair length and facial structure. For round face shapes, says Jenny, keep the bob a couple inches below the jawline. Add volume around the cheeks if the face is oval-shaped. A faux bob works especially well with a delicate neckline like this one, because it shows off the subtle details of the dress.

1. Start with dry hair and apply label.m Volume Mousse for texture, volume and hold.


2. Create a triangle section from the crown to high recession, and clip away. Note: The density of the hair and the presence of layers will determine the size of the triangle.


3. Create a long, 1-inch wide rectangular section that extends from the crown to the nape.


4. Create an inverted braid starting at the crown and extending to the nape—this will serve as the base for the faux bob. When you run out of hair, continue with a normal three-strand braid and secure with an elastic.


5. Gather the remaining hair underneath the triangle section and create a loose, three-strand braid. Secure with an elastic.


6. Flip the three-strand braid and pin it directly into the inverted braid.


7. Release the top section, curl all of the hair in the same direction around the head, setting each curl with pin-curl clips.


8. When the hair is cool, release the pins and comb the hair, forming an S-shape.


9. Secure the S-formations with duckbill clips and let the hair set for a few minutes.


10. Release the clips and finish with label.m Extreme Hold Hairspray. For added shine, apply label.m Shine Spray.


Victory Rolls
“These victory rolls are perfect for the true rockabilly babe,” says Jenny. “They’re glamorous, so pair them with something formal like a tea-length dress with a full skirt.”



1. Prep the hair with label.m Volume Mousse for texture, volume and hold.


2. If your client’s hair is naturally straight, add curls with a 1-inch curling iron, holding the iron horizontally.


3. Section out hair in front of the ears to use as the “roll.” Brush these sections thoroughly.


4. Lift the section to a 45-degree angle and wrap it around your fingers to create the beginning of the roll. Continue rolling the hair toward the scalp.


5. Once the hair is rolled all the way up, pin it into place with bobby pins.


6. Repeat on the opposite side, and mist with label.m Extreme Hold Hairspray.


Bardot Pouf with a Bun
Vintage AND classic all wrapped up into one neat upstyle! “This Bardot pouf works well with the classic lines in vintage-style dresses,” says Jenny. “And a bun always says ‘timeless.’ Since the hair is up, I suggest a dress with a lace collar—something you’d want to show off. Lace also brings out the texture of the hair.”



1. Brush the hair out fully before starting and part on the desired side.


2. Create a small triangle section on the top of the head, extending from the crown to the sides of the hairline.


3. Apply label.m Texturising Volume Spray at the roots, and tease the top section, beginning a few inches away from the hairline and working to the crown. Use hairspray if the hair texture is silky.


4. Gently comb the top of the backcombed hair, directing it toward the crown.


5. Create the desired height, then gently twist the hair into the low crown area. Push it up and lock it into place with a bobby pin. If the hair is thick, several pins will be necessary.

6. Direct the remaining hair up to the twisted area, gather into a ponytail and secure with an elastic.


7. Release the small triangle section and part it, sweeping it across the forehead.


8. Wrap the ponytail into a bun and secure. Finish with label.m Extreme Hold Hairspray.