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June 9, 2016

The Top 10 Cutting and Styling Tips We Discovered In Orlando

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We know your time is money, so you need the best tips for keeping clients coming to your chair all day, every day. Lucky for you, we grabbed them! The BTC team hung out at Premiere Orlando 2016 and in between all the craziness, we found some tricks you can use to up your hairdressing game right now.


1. Curling Iron vs. Back-Brushing
Which method gives you more volume? You’ll get more bounce when you curl the hair, which helps you create multiple styles with the volume you need. Curling the hair can also really help expand finer strands. “Sometimes there is no oomph with back-brushing, and sometimes you just need that little oomph,” says Farouk Global Artist Anna Cantu.


Anna created some gorgeous updos on the Mainstage!


Fun fact: Anna doesn’t practice her styles before shows! She has different updos in her pocket, and depending on the length of the show, she decides what looks to create. She has an updo for every occasion and trust us, she knows how to work the hair and the crowd!


Anna with some of her lovely models backstage!


2. Keep Your Graduated Bob From Rounding
If you don’t know Tracey Hughes, you will soon—she’s a four-time Australian Educator of the Year and a four-time Excellence in Education recipient, and now she’s packed her bags and moved from Down Under to the U.S. to educate American hairdressers. She gave a great Mainstage presentation and shared this little bit of guidance on cutting a graduated bob: At the nape, use a diagonal guide instead of a vertical guide. Vertically cutting can make you round the shape as you pull back, but a diagonal guide will preserve the shape.


Tracey rocked the stage and shared her bob cutting tips!


3. Beach Waves for Days!
Summer is here and we know the style everyone is requesting at your salon—those beach waves, of course! We caught up with
MIZANI Artistic Educator Jamal Edmonds and got the how-to for this super popular summer style. Check it out!



4. Three Things To Remember When Cutting Men’s Hair
Here are a few fast men’s tips from
American Crew educators to keep in mind when creating those dapper men’s cuts:


  • Sometimes less is more—too much texturizing can cause collapse of the hair, so go slowly and make sure you want to touch each hair.
  • If you can keep his neckline perfect, that’s money! He can’t do it himself and he’ll always come to you.
  • If you feel a little overwhelmed during your cut, take your hands and use them to block off a small piece of the head, section by section. This lets you look at individual areas and inspect your cut closely.


Elvis was in the house at American Crew, complete with fangirls falling all over him!


5. Remove The Weight, Perfect The Style
The last 10 minutes a client is in your chair might just be the most important 10 minutes of their entire visit to the salon—it’s the time to perfect the cut and style. Michael Baker, inventor of the
De-Bulker, took the behindthechair.com stage and talked just how critical these last 10 minutes are and how the De-Bulker can help you get the cut/style right (every single time!). Check it out!



8. Cheat Retro Waves!
A ’40s-glam wave is always hot, but sometimes you just don’t have the time.
FHI Brands Artistic Director Sarah Mac shares her technique for getting that gorgeous retro look in less time!



9. Get That Effortless-Looking Model Wave
Get that “session S-wave” you see on celebs and models, courtesy of
Macadamia Professional’s International and Creative Director Giannandrea. Prep her hair with Macadamia Professional Flex Hold Shaping Hairspray, using it as a setting lotion and applying liberally. Take your flat iron and hand-sculpt the S-shape into her hair using the heat to set it.


Giannandrea used his flat iron to create those lived-in “session S-waves.”


10. Cutting for the Modern Man
Men’s cutting quickie from SportClips! Keep your body beside the section you are cutting to make sure you’re even and consistent on those sides. Another quickie? Keep your fingers flat on the clients head when starting, then come out from where the head shape lives to customize the haircut to your client’s specific shape.


The Sport Clips stage was rockin’ all weekend long!

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