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May 18, 2016

The Secret to Your Client’s Dream Hair

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We all have that client: she is perfect, she always loves her hair and doesn’t ask for much. Have you ever taken the time to find out about her hair dreams? If she could wear any style, what would it be? Chances are, it would be fuller, longer and shinier hair! Guess what?! You CAN help your client achieve her dream hair!


Jordan’s Before and After


Kristina Barricelli, Hairdo® Brand Ambassador and Senior Stylist at Gemini 14 Salon in New York City challenges us to find out what our clients really want for their hair and to show them they have options!  Cue the new Hairdo® Invisible Extension—20 beautiful inches long, super easy to wear and it comes in 13 gorgeous shades. The best part? No clips, no tape and no glue! Hello convenience!


All that confidence from wearing her dream hair!? We’ll take it!


Kristina showed 2015 Hairdo®  It Girl contest winner Jordan Cheyenne how easy and natural it was to wear the Invisible Extension during It Girl Photoshoot in NYC and Jordan’s confidence shined as she was the girl about town.



Do you know about the hair your clients dream about? Time to find out! 


The Invisible Extension is totally versatile because the Tru2Life® fibers can be curled, straightened and blow-dried. Just like a favorite pair of heels, or a favorite clutch, the Invisible Extension quickly becomes the go-to accessory that you clients wear every day.


The Invisible Extension is featured in 13 shades: Ebony, Midnight Brown, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Copper, Chestnut, Ginger Brown, Ginger Blonde, Honey Ginger, Buttered Toast, Golden Wheat, Dark Copper, Glazed Fire, and Swedish Blonde.


Kristina’s Pro Tip: Layer multiple Invisible Extensions to add dimension and to achieve an even fuller look! 


Check out Jordan’s easy, breezy hair transformation with Hairdo® Ambassador Kristina Barricelli!



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