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August 3, 2015

The Royal Treatment

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The Queen’s Brush—Kent.


This UK Company has been making the very best of the best in hairbrushes since 1777. For 9 generations, these brushes have received The Royal Warrant—dating all the way back to British rule under George III! This warrant is a true a sign of excellence, a recognition unparalleled anywhere else in the world. In an era where everything is quick and digital, Kent devotes a level of care and craftsmanship to every product they make.


What does this mean for you? As a stylist? Well, Kent prides itself on supplying stylists everywhere with high quality, professional grade, handmade brushes. With their special Kent. Salon collection, you can offer your client the true royal treatment.



Polished Steel Tip: This soft point is for way more than just sectioning and picking up the hair! This sleek, metal tip ensures perfect brush balance from top to bottom, so your brush strokes are quicker and easier.


Ergonomic Handle: Now only does this handle fit every hand size, but it’s special light, textured grip makes sure you don’t slide around on your brush while trying to give her that perfect style.


Boar Bristle: Two brushes from this collection are made with natural boar bristle, which has a very special effect on human hair. The strong bristles get straight to the root, cleaning debri and evenly distributing your own natural oils from root to tip. This means that it nourishes and strengthens while it works. Best part? These bristles won’t break or damage the cuticle.



Meet the Brushes – Kent.Salon Brushes Specially Made For You, The Stylist



With 235 years of experience, Kent’s in-house designers and craftsmen researched, sampled, molded, built, tested and produced the world’s most definitive range of salon brushes. No corners have been cut and no expense has been spared. Perfection is here. Think precision, purpose and authority.


Boar Bristle Cushion & Paddle Brush
Made of the very best hand-graded natural boar bristle and heat proof nylon! If a stylist could only have one brush in their kit bag, this would definitely be it. Perfect for root up-lift, blow-drying straight hair and dressing out or pushing the boundaries.


The Curved Vent Brush
The collection’s most popular brush! And for good reason—it’s the only of its kind in the world. The arc of the Curved Vent Brush follows the natural shape of the head, making for a soft, smooth brushing experience.  It reduces blow-drying time without pulling the hair.


44m Ceramic Bristle Brush
The head of this brush is covered with a durable ceramic coating that can heat up and evenly distribute heat. Think faster blow-dries and quicker, more accurate styling. Curling or straightening, the Ceramic Bristle Brush’s nylon tufts will grip hair for as long as necessary and then release without snagging.


Back Combing Brush
Kent’s Back Combing Brush is perfect for any updo. Whether you need a little bit of volume or a lot, this little beauty has you covered. And while you’re creating that flawless updo, you can utilize its sleek, pointed end, ideal for any picking-up and sectioning of the hair. The brush head and handle feature opposite curves to fit the shape of the head, improving weight distribution for nimble work!




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