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January 27, 2015

The R+Co Instagram Model Search: A (Hair) Star is Born!

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Anyone who has done photo shoots focusing on hair knows that the hardest part isn’t creating the styles or the color, or choosing the clothing, or photographing the looks. The hardest part is often finding the right model. It’s a tough situation because you know your work will look best when it frames a beautiful face; yet the most beautiful models are usually restricted when it comes to their hair. In order to model for the widest possible range of clients, they must have hair that is basically long and nondescript, so that it can be styled in a variety of ways for a specific shoot.


So after coming up empty for the right girl after a model search for his portion of an R+Co campaign shoot, company co-founder (and BTC fashion columnist) Garren had an inspiring idea. Why not look for pretty girls who might have more freedom with their hair than the existing pool of New York models, and invite them to post their photos for consideration on social media? And so, the R+Co Instagram Model Search was born. 


“Do anything you want with my hair”


The criteria were simple—the candidates were just required to give Garren carte blanche when it came to their hair. And with thousands of international magazine covers with every top model and celebrity over the past four decades in his portfolio, plus high profile makeovers on the likes of Madonna, Victoria Beckham and supermodel Karlie Kloss, that certainly wasn’t asking too much. That’s exactly what a brand new, Toronto-based model named Monty thought when she heard about the search, and she jumped at the chance to throw her name into the mix. And THAT turned out very well!



“When Monty’s photo came in, it was accompanied by a letter that said, ‘Garren, you have transformed so many models and celebrities. My mother would die to have you cut her hair and my aunt actually flies into New York for your haircuts,” Garren recalls. (Turns out, Monty’s aunt is Bliss founder Marcia Kilgore!) “She had long, fine, dark blonde hair, and I thought she had something special. I invited her to come to New York to meet me.”


“My hair was pretty lackluster and average,” Monty admits, “but very healthy, with lots of potential. I knew that Garren’s glorious vision of my perfect cut would be an amazing opportunity to launch my career.”

“A fresher, cooler version of myself”


She was right! Once they met, Garren knew instantly he had found his muse, which Monty confirmed when she told him she was game for anything. So Garren took out his shears and got busy!


“When I got to the salon, Garren began clipping my hair to get an idea of the length he wanted,” says Monty. “Everything he did looked insanely wicked! When he said, ‘platinum blonde’ I was thrilled. He sent me to (Garren New York Salon Colorist) Alexis Unno to get the color absolutely perfect and we had a great time.”




“Her hair was cool long, so we shot some pictures that way,” says Garren. “Then I thought about it, and I was inspired by the look of a Helmut Newton girl—hair blunt, dead straight, side parted. Very dramatic, with the Nordic blonde color. She was perfect! I cut her hair and she got into character. I cut it some more, and she got back into character. She was really special. She became the hero of the whole shoot; she really represents what I’m about.”




Since then, Monty continues to rock her “Garren” cut and style as she pursues her new modeling career. “My new look has completely transformed me!” she says. “I feel like a fresher, cooler version of myself. I’ve been working a ton since ‘the chop’ and I know the great responses I’ve been getting are thanks to Garren’s work!”


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