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January 22, 2016

The Price is Right: The Sand Art Trend


Pastels, rainbows, metallics—these are the colors of the year. If it’s trendy and blowin’ up your client’s Instagram feed, chances are she’s on her way to your salon to show you exactly what she wants for her own funky color.

What your client might not know is how long these shades take to achieve, and how much hard work goes in to making each color design absolutely perfect. So BTC went to #ONESHOT Finalist Alix Maya @thereal_omgiloveyourhair, to break down the price and process behind her sand art masterpiece—”Fruity Pebbles”. Everything from the consultation, the booking, the process and the price—we got it all. See how it’s done!

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Hours | 5.5
Price | $800

“Unless my new client is traveling from out of state, I require a consultation prior to the actual session. I can’t stress how important it is to understand what your client is truly looking for and that they understand the logistics of what they are asking and what they’re in store for during their time with you.”

“I usually mark the day out for one client unless it’s family or friends coming together—in that case I’ll work on multiple guests at the same time. Some creations take three hours, some take up to eight, it just depends. I make it easy on myself and my client. I personally book everyone—the same as I did when I worked at a salon. I go over everything ahead of time to ensure my days run smoothly.”

Process, Part 1:
“To create ‘Fruity Pebbles’ I first had to create the foundation. I used J Beverly Hills 6.22 + 12.222 + a pinch of 1B with 2T emulsion to create a pewter color. I used that formula and a sectioning technique to stretch her root further down, giving her a beautiful shadow that would blend perfectly into her vibrant color. After rinsing, she received a blowout.”

Part 2
“I used Rusk Teal, PRAVANA NEONS Green and NEONS Blue, Joico Intensity Orchid and J Beverly Hills Pink + Yellow and Clear. I used the same sectioning technique as before to create the perfect blended movement of color that shifts with every flip, toss and curl. I processed for about an hour, then rinsed with cold water and lightly conditioned the hair.”

“I charge a base price of $250.00, then an additional $100.00 an hour. Anything is possible but everything takes time, effort and expertise that you should ABSOLUTELY be compensated for!”

Check out the 2016 #ONESHOT categories here!