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March 25, 2016

The Pinless Mermaid Braid by invisibobble

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So maybe giving up your voice for a dude isn’t the best call, but Ariel had at least one thing right—that hair! You’ve heard it all over the place—”mermaid hair”—and EVERYBODY wants it. Now you can get it done thanks to BTC Brand Ambassador and #ONESHOT Winner Jenny Strebe (@theconfessionsofahairstylist)! Jenny’s secret weapon? A few invisibobbles, the creaseless hair ring with a unique cord-like design. It puts an end to all the hassles elastic hair ties can cause—no creases or headaches, and it TOTALLY eliminates the need for bobby pins. You digging this soft, woven textured braid? Us, too! Here’s how you can get it!


Pro-Tip: This look is SUPER easy to do at home. So if you’re retailing invisibobble in your salon, what’s a better way to earn some client love than a quickie braid tutorial?




1. Section the lower half of the hair, pinning back the top for future styling.


2. Fix a ponytail with two invisibobbles and pull them an invisi-loop apart.


3. Draw strands of hair up to add volume, loosening hair to create a swooping pattern.



 4. Release the upper half of the hair, loosely braiding it into the ponytail.


 5. When you reach just below the parietal, start creating a Dutch braid.


6. When you reach the end of the braid, pull it through the first invisiloop used on your intital ponytail, combining the two pieces into one.


7. Secure the bottom section of the braid with the second invis-loop, loosening the strands to add volume.



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