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December 10, 2015

The PERFECT Finishing Touch

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So you’ve got that flawless cut on lock and now it’s just time to clean up the edges. No problem. Donald Scott, founder and chief creative hair artist of Donald Scott NYC has the perfect razor technique for creating cuts with movement, dimension and texture. To get the effect of a soft, wispy look, it’s time to break out the Donald Scott NYC Carving Comb to use on the ends of her hair. Using a razor instead of shears, this technique results in long and short pieces of hair for added texture to the otherwise blunt line. See how it’s done!



Tools include:

Donald Scott NYC Carving Comb: This revolutionary 3-in-1 tool features two razors on one end and a cutting comb on the other, so hair artists can work with shears and a razor in-hand at the same time. It’s the only razor (patented) that glides the hair to the cutting edge with a Cutting Comb on one end and 2 covered razors with 2 different cutting edges on the other

Donald Scott NYC Prepare Liquid Tool Glide: The very first miracle mist of its kind, Prepare Liquid Tool Glide is enriched with coconut oil and sunflower oils. This nourishing mist was specially designed to work ergonomically with Donald Scott cutting tools. Not only does it smooth the cuticle, but it prepares the hair for cutting and texturizing without residue or buildup.


• Fast – Saves time so you can earn more without compromising quality or creativity.
• Safe – Designed to prevent damage to your hands AND your client’s hair.
• Versatile – Each tool provides multiple benefits and flexibility, adding to your current regimen.
• Inclusive – Appropriate for ALL of your clients–all textures, women, men and children.
• Creative – Provides hair artists with complete control AND spontaneous creativity.
• Easy – Foolproof and mistake proof, these tools are easy to learn and easy to use.


How-To: Softening the Edges


1. Prepare the hair with 2 to 3 mists of Donald Scott NYC Prepare Liquid Tool Glide to wet hair for ultimate slip, glide and finish.
2. Hold the hair with 1½-inch exposed between two fingers.
3. Using both cutting sides of your Donald Scott NYC Carving Comb use a rapid back and forth motion until the ends are softened and textured. Continue as needed for weightless movement and definition.





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