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February 5, 2015

The Non-Traditionalist

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Soft spoken and even-keeled are the qualities least demonstrated on wedding days. Maybe that’s why Stephanie Brinkerhoff—or simply Steph—is so good at what she does. Always calm and collected, Steph works with some of the most under pressure people in the world—brides on their big days! She hails from Utah; where, from April through August, a steady parade of young Mormon couples march toward altars from Salt Lake City to Moab. What makes Steph unique, however, is not the fact that she caters to brides. What makes her unique is that she’s capitalized on a growing trend in bridal hairstyling—by bucking tradition. 

Essentially, Steph has modernized the modern bride, honing her craft on the non-traditional bride. Instead of tight, perfectly coiffed styles, Steph specializes in the perfectly imperfect—loose waves and relaxed chignons, combining updos with vintage braids. And yes, business is booming! Her website and social media presence have exploded since her business launched in 2010. Currently, more than 5 million people follow her on Pinterest. That’s why Steph dedicates her time to social media. She knows her techniques are in high demand so she spends her time educating fellow stylists and brides-to-be alike through her pages.

With rapidly growing fandom, it might be natural for some stylists to take the next step and travel from trade show to trade show, educating auditoriums of people. For Stephanie, it has yet to be. Although she is a social media celebrity, she prefers a simple life. For her, family and God come first, meaning Sunday trade shows are a definite no go. Steph teaches through social media—her chalkboard is her Pinterest board and, instead of an auditorium, her classroom is far more infinite. In going about teaching this way, Steph is redefining how we teach hairstyling. The future will be digital! Steph is part of a growing movement—opening up new avenues to education through the internet. Of course, this has its limitations, but it also allows for new opportunities for many.

As Steph continues to perfect the art of online education, an opportunity, a first for her, has presented itself. BTC is pleased to welcome Steph to America’s Beauty Show on March 23, from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., where she will be teaching her first live class ever. Steph will bring her meticulous eye for detail off the screen and in front of a live audience, recreating her elegant, non-traditional updos. As the future of education, Steph will bring valuable knowledge beyond her skills as a stylist. She will also bring to focus how the future of education will transition out of the classroom and onto social media.

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