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September 4, 2014

The New “Tousled Bowl” Cut

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Last year, Garren unleashed a torrent of copy cuts when he created a disheveled bob on supermodel Karlie Kloss. Now he’s done it again, fashioning a tousled bowl cut on model and actress Amber Valletta for the cover of Allure, that has been heralded as the pixie’s older, cooler sister.


Garren explains that the supermodel was ready for a change  after completing her role on the ABC television series Revenge. (Her adulteress character was killed off earlier this year). In preparation for her upcoming role in the Legends miniseries, she wanted a different look.



“I had cut her hair many times in the past,” Garren says. “So we talked and she brought in some photos of her past cuts. It turned out that we were both thinking of the exact same looks! I combined elements from several previous haircuts to create this shaggy little boy cut. Unlike a pixie, I left length at the sides to give her more styling options–she can wear it forward, behind her ears, with a side part of tousled all over. Christopher-John bleached out the ends so it’s now really light.”



Garren prepped the hair with R+Co One Prep Spray to even out the difference in the textures between the base color and the lightened ends. “Because her hair is quite wavy in the back, I razored sections to encourage the hair to sit tight to the head. Then I blunt cut the bangs with scissors to keep them long and thick and heavy.”


To style the hair for Allure, he misted strands with Garren New York Spray Tonic, combed it into place and let it air dry. Then he worked R+Co Tinsel Smooth Oil through the ends for shine. “If she wanted a smooth finish,” he notes, “I would have rough-dried it with a blow dryer and the used a round brush to smooth the ends.”


“I wouldn’t do this cut on extremely frizzy or curly hair,” he notes. “It’s best on straight hair, or hair with soft movement.”