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October 11, 2015

The Lived-In Color of Johnny Ramirez

Jessica Alba’s lived-in “bronde” is fast becoming the most-requested look from client’s everywhere.


By Heather Haemker

That blended, melted, kissed-by-the-sun color. For celebrity “It” girls, for bloggers, for magazine editors and oh yeah, for your clients, lived-in color and style is EVERYTHING.

And why not? The look is sultry, sexy and cool. Ground zero for lived-in hair is the Ramirez | Tran Salon in Beverly Hills. There, Johnny Ramirez actually coined, and then trademarked, the term “Lived-In Color.”

His rabid Instagram following of 77,000 respectively has propelled his salon with co-founder Anh Co Tran to the top in Beverly Hills—no easy feat in Southern California’s most competitive market.

Sure, it looks easy. But as with nearly everything that appears effortless, this color technique is actually quite deliberate and carefully executed.

Johnny Ramirez’s Lived-In Color is a careful combination of highlighting, blending, root shadowing and glazing.

Like A Virgin
Johnny’s six-year-old daughter Emilia was the original muse for his light-streaked, natural-looking color. “I loved the way the light blonde streaks sat so naturally in her hair,” Johnny reveals. “I wanted to be able to duplicate that untouched, virgin color.” Johnny’s technique is neither balayage nor ombré. Instead, it’s a combination of highlighting, blending, root shadowing and glazing with carefully-chosen shades, and can sometimes take up to six hours to create! But the investment in time for clients is huge—results can last up to six months!

Johnny has created paparazzi-worthy color for Victoria Beckham, Nicole Kidman, Hilary Swank, Ellen Pompeo and Carrie Mulligan. In addition to his work on those celebs, his “bronde” color design for Jessica Alba has been viewed millions of times online. Variations of light and medium blonde tones seem to float away from a soft brown base, with every highlight placed carefully, delicately and thoughtfully.

The overall effect is insanely flattering to the actress’s skin tone and eye color. “Highlighting the haircolor  so that it blends with the eyes and skin is what creates optimal results,” Johnny declares. “It brings out the client’s true beauty.” Another secret? Proper prelightening. “Many of
my clients start out as corrective color,” Johnny reveals. “I work hard on cleaning up that color buildup first.”

To support his work, Johnny recently embraced Joico’s new LumiShine Repair+ Permanent Crème and Demi-Permanent Liquid Color—in fact, he was named the LumiShine Ambassador. LumiShine’s modern, healthy formulas, Johnny declares, “represent where color is going.”