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September 30, 2015

The Energy That Is COLOR, Cut and Style: The Passionate Crowd Behind The Show

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You know that feeling you get when you’re at a concert, in a sold-out arena, surrounded by thousands of people all celebrating that one amazing song you love? It’s the energy in the crowd and the electricity from all the souls in the room coming together and falling even more in love with the passion that’s on the stage in front of you. That is how you could describe this year’s COLOR, Cut & Style show. Incredible talent took the stage four days in a row, but what was even more incredible was the spirit that filled the room.

Without the amazing crowd at this year’s event, COLOR, Cut & Style 2015 could not have been everything it was. From the U.S. to Europe to Indonesia and even New Zealand, COLOR, Cut & Style was a place for people from all over the world to come together and celebrate hairdressing. It was a place for people to learn from each other. A place to compete and showcase outstanding work in a positive way. And it was a place to better not only your art of hairdressing, but to better yourself and reflect on your soul and your dreams.


Whoever you were before attending the show, you left as someone new. Whether you attended the Look and Learn classes, any of the numerous COLOR, Cut & Style presentations, the #ONESHOT Awards or all of these, there was a spirit in the air and an energy in the crowd that cannot be recreated. Yes, there was incredible talent taking the stage, but the people in the crowd, the people that attended any or all of the events, truly completed COLOR, Cut & Style 2015.

Selfies were taken and #hairbesties were made. Check out some of the photos taken throughout the show that capture how special Reflection was.



Love him! #btccolor2015 #reflections #guytang

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This show was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! #btccolor2015 #reflections

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The crowd was alive for every show during COLOR, Cut & Style, but there was one presentation in particular where you could actually feel the energy taking over the room. Sonya Dove brought the crowd to its feet after an incredibly touching show. After receiving a standing ovation, a choked-up Sonya revealed she was nervous about presenting by herself, saying “she didn’t think she was good enough.” Mary Rector-Gable then joined her on stage to personally congratulate her and the crowd reacted in a way that cannot exactly be described. The support and emotion that filled the room was nothing short of magical.



Click here to see pics from the biggest show of the year!

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