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June 2, 2015

The De-Bulker’s Debut

The De-Bulker’s Debut
Michael Baker’s De-Bulker Wows Premiere Orlando

When Michael Baker pulled out a simple-looking set of clippers and began running them through his model’s long, thick hair, the crowd stilled. What was he doing? Was he going to shave it all off—right then and there? But then his clippers did something unexpected, something new. Instead of shaving off all of the hair, his special device removed only bulk and weight, cutting channels in the hair to create divine movement and texture. Blocking the aisles and struggling to see over one another, the crowd grew as the model’s hair thinned, right before their very eyes.


The De-Bulker had made its debut… and then hours later, promptly sold out!


Michael Baker De-Bulks for the crowd at Premiere Orlando!

The De-Bulker

Baker’s De-Bulker makes texturizing hair an efficient, precise, single-step process! Each of the three attachments has its own specific function, but all were designed to eliminate bulk and the time-consuming process of chipping and notching. The enemy of volume and movement is weight!


Bob haircuts are always at the peak of chic, but too much bulk can ruin the mystique. For those fine-haired clients who need a bit more of that smooth, sexy texture, it’s time to De-Bob. This attachment cuts small channels into the hair, allowing for more movement and styling options. It’s ideal for use on the perimeter of short haircuts.


For clients with medium textured hair looking for movement and a daring shape, the De-Bulk attachment is where it’s at. This texture guard creates volume and dimension and breaks up solid lines for more modern styling options—it’s perfect for more distinct texture and separation. Use this attachment from midshafts to ends, removing bulk downwards.


The De-Bush is an extreme little attachment for the most extreme in texture. It’s best used on clients with thick, coarse hair seeking freedom from the bulk. Perfect for more natural hair movement and weight elimination, the De-Bush is the go-to for creating the most artistic textures. Use from roots or midshafts to ends to create thrilling textured results!


Order your De-Bulker today for only $89.00!


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