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February 1, 2017

The Cutting and Styling Tips We Saw At ISSE

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Straight from the International Salon and Spa Expo in Long Beach, Calif., these cutting and styling tips come from some of today’s coolest brands! We roamed the show floor to find the techniques and ideas you can use behind the chair right now. Check them out!

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Natural-Looking Clip-Ins That Won’t Budge
Get your clip-ins to stay! Bellami’s Savannah Calderon gives us her how-to on long-lasting clip-in extensions that look uber natural. She’s using the Bellami Kylie Hair Kouture line. Check it out!

Update Your Bobs
Freshen up a bob by giving it a teensy bit of asymmetry, said Redken Artist Hugo Urias. This gives the look a cool California “I don’t care” vibe while also looking edgy and polished.




Cocktails, Anyone?
Product cocktailing is SO encouraged, said Sexy Hair Artistic Creative Director Rafe Hardy. Why? First, you get the exact look you want by layering products. But more importantly? It increases retail sales! When you cocktail, you can teach your clients to mix products to get their perfect look, and they’ll totally want to buy them all.

Back To Basics Cutting Tips
You cut hair every day, but sometimes, you need to be reminded of the basics. We stopped in to see Olivia Garden Brand Ambassador Ricardo Santiago (who has also taken the BTC COLOR, Cut & Style Show stage!) give his best cutting tips. Some of our faves?

  • “Treat everything as an extension of yourself—your comb, your elbow position and your arm position all play a role in your final cut.”
  • “When cutting hair, you don’t want it sopping wet. Just damp is ideal—you get more control and can still see where things will fall.”
  • “Use your comb to create your guide, not your fingers. Your fingers just aren’t as precise.”
  • “I’ve gotten yelled at a lot for using the wrong tools. You have to have precise tools to be precise in your cutting. Use smaller shears for that fine detail work, like the Olivia Garden PrecisionCut 5-inch shear. The divot in the handle lets you hold your hand steady for total control.”

Achieve Your Client’s Perfect Length
Your guy client comes in and asks for a #2 on the sides. “Cool,” you think. “Super easy.” But wait! Wahl Education and Artistic Director Christina Goree makes a great point—a #2 can look different depending on the tool and the guard you use! “Ask your client, ‘Do you want a shorter #2 or a longer #2?’” Christina said. “They’ll be impressed that you asked that. And in this case, you can start with a #3 guard and work your way down.”


Check out everything BTC spotted at ISSE!
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3