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September 10, 2014

The Color-Saving System That Will Amp Up Your Haircolor Business!

Let’s face it, as a salon owner or manager, you have to watch every dollar that comes in and goes out very closely. And though lucrative, one of the most costly services in the salon is haircolor. But there’s a new technology on the block that will revolutionize and change your color business—forever! Believe or not, this innovation is a salon software that controls your costs and your inventory, makes color services more consistent and precise and will give your colorists the confidence boost they need. It’s called SureTint Technology, and all over, salons are welcoming this game-changer into their dispensaries!



Marcy Cona from MC Hair & studio mc in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, is one of the raving customers who welcomed the system into her salon and studio three months ago. Since then she has experienced a reduction in color orders/color inventory of close to 40 percent! Imagine a 40 percent savings in haircolor in just three months! Think of all you could do with that extra green. Marcy chose to allocate her extra cash-flow to reinvest in her team. “A portion of the savings went toward sending our team to behindthechair.com’s amazing COLOR, Cut & Style Show in New Orleans this year,” Marcy shared. Integrating a new system in a salon and teaching stylists how to work with it can be tricky. So Marcy shares her personal experience with SureTint and offers advice on bringing the system into your own salon.


Grow as an Artist. SureTint actually gives your colorists the opportunity to expand as artists. How, you wonder? Well, each time a colorist mixes up a color formula, the color is measured and noted in the inventory tracking system. Regular reports track inventory and indicate the top shades used. As a result, managers and owners have a deeper understanding of which shades to keep in stock, which means you can order in advance. It also helps the colorist ensure they are mixing their colors correctly. “Consistency in mixing and attaining the right balance of color to developer every time allows my colorists to create more creative color designs,” shares Marcy. “Our guests love that we are one of the very few salons in the country using SureTint to create, capture, retain and dispense their personal haircolor formulas, so they can count on consistent, accurate results, every color visit, every time.”



The Nuts & Bolts. Before deciding on SureTint, or any new software system, it’s a good idea to discuss the integration with your stylists and colorists to get their feedback. “We shared the system with a few members of our mentor team to see if they thought the system would be a good fit for our salon,” says Marcy. Following the staff meeting, a few questions were raised, including: How will I integrate the system into my current process? Will it be difficult to use? Will it add more time to my routine? SureTint has all the answers to your questions and will walk you through the process BEFORE you bring the system into your salon.


Training. Once Marcy and her team decided that SureTint was a good fit, all that was left to do was set up the system in her salon and studio and get her staff trained. “We worked closely with the SureTint team. Our contact, Bill Deliman, was amazing, he walked each staff member through the system within a one-hour training. He even remained at the salon for an additional day to answer any questions we had. From that point on, we were totally integrated!”



Making a Smooth Transition. If you’re tired of rinsing unused color money down the drain, a color-saving system like SureTint might be exactly what you need. “If you’re playing with the idea of bringing this system into your salon, don’t wait,” advises Marcy. “Contact other salons who are using the system and ask questions about their process.” Marcy also suggests getting staff involved early on in the process and learning what’s involved in implementing the system into your salon, including training. “This will make for a smooth transition when you do decide to move forward with SureTint,” says Marcy. 


See how much money SureTint can save your color business!