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October 1, 2015

The COLOR 2015 Finale – Watercolors

To wrap up COLOR 2015 was the seriously gorgeous finale—Watercolors—which showcased every aquatic hue imaginable in an incredible display of hair and fashion artistry. 

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What color is the ocean? Who can say? It might be the deep blue of calm waters, the churning gray of stormy weather, the blazing red of a reflected sunset. For the eagerly-anticipated COLOR finale, each COLOR Show team was given an aquatically-inspired palette and invited to let their imaginations and their palettes run wild. The result? A finale that plumbed the depths of creativity and emerged gloriously from the bottom of the sea!


Wella Professionals
Sonya Dove



Ian Michael Black, Janell Geason



Kenra Professional
Robb Dubré, Laken Rose & David Lopez



Schwarzkopf Professional
Damien Carney, Kim Vo & Rossa Jurenas


Anthony Mascolo, Christel Lundqvist & Richy Kandasamy



Paul Mitchell
Robert Cromeans, Linda Yodice, Lucie Doughty, Jamie Anderbery-Stout & Stephanie Kocielski



L’Oréal Professionnel
Nancy Braun, Min Kim & Theresa Adams

Beth Minardi Signature


Beth Minardi



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