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April 6, 2017

The 6 Color-Related Reasons You Can’t Miss BTC “On Tour”

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If there is one place your haircolor needs to be totally on point, it’s Southern California. The beaches call for your most beautiful blondes, West Hollywood calls for funky-fresh fashion colors and with perfectly-balayaged celebrities walking around, your natural blends need to be even more seamless.


Good thing BTC “On Tour” is making a one-day stop at the iconic Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on Monday, May 1, where you can learn about every on-trend haircolor technique from colorists like Justin Anderson@prettylittleombre, Rebecca Taylor, @bescene, @hairgod_zito and @alix_maya! And because this day of education is going to be unlike anything else, we put together 6 reaons you can’t miss it. ENJOY (and buy your tickets NOW)!


1. Because @prettylittleombre
Is Bringing Her Best Balayage Techniques


BTC bestie and balayage queen Jamie Sea aka @prettylittleombre (who has more than 200,000 Instagram followers!) is going to be taking her first BTC stage, so of course you don’t want to miss this! Plus, she was crowned winner of Ombré Shot of the Year for BTC’s 2016 #ONESHOT Hair Awards, and her education is second to none. See what we mean below.


Splotchy Balayage? Here’s Why!


A few more looks from @prettylittleombre


2. Because The Fashion Color Queen
@rebeccataylorhair Will Be In The House


She’s funny, fierce and as a b3 Ambassador, her fashion color work is basically flawless. Plus, she has more than 400,000 followers on Instagram. So yeah, we’re pretty sure she’s a must-see! Take a look at two of our favorite Rebecca-created color formulas.


2 Vibrant Pastel Color Formulas
from Rebecca Taylor


A few more looks from @rebeccataylorhair


3. Because, @hairgod_zito.
Need We Say More?


The OG hair god and b3 Ambassador, Rickey Zito, is going to be onstage, and he’ll be dropping techniques and truth bombs. But seriously, not only are his color creations stunning, he’s the winner of Rainbow and Extension Shot of the Year in the 2016 #ONESHOT Hair Awards, he has more than 350,000 Instagram followers and he’s always down for some fun (so you know his segment’s gonna be good!).  


Rickey’s Tie-Dye Color Melt


A few more looks from @hairgod_zito


4. Because Manic Panic Went Pro, and
@alix_maya Is Going To Make The Rainbow Jealous


This color cutie lives for creating unconventional art. She’s the winner of BTC’s Rainbow Shot of the Year at the 2016 #ONESHOT Hair Awards, has almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, and now she’s the Global Artistic Director of Manic Panic! Here’s an inside look at the work that earned her a finalist spot in the Rainbow category during the first year of #ONESHOT. 


Plus, Manic Panic Founders Tish and Snooky will be taking the stage for an epic interview with Mary Rector-Gable…it’s going to be a can’t-miss!


The Sand Art Trend


A few more looks from @alix_maya


5. Because Metallics Are SO In,
and You NEED To See
@bescene, DUH.


Linh Phan is cool just like the colors he creates, and we’re pretty sure his 275,000 Instagram followers agree. Now a b3 Ambassador, he’s known for winning the 2016 #ONESHOT Hair Award for COLOR, bringing typically lift-resistant Asian hair to magical metallic heights and for always having the best time at BTC shows, so you know his stage time in LA is going to be a mix of great education and even better times.  


5 Shades Of Gray from Linh Phan


A few more looks from @bescene


6. Because Justin Anderson Will Be There,
And You Can’t Miss Justin Anderson…


OK, it’s no secret. We want Justin Anderson to be our best friend. He creates to-die-for blonde haircolor that everyone gets jealous of, and he’s constantly contemplating the big issues in life, like deciding to finally go on that no-carb diet or eat another Girl Scout cookie. (We know this because we follow him religiously on Instagram.) Plus, he does all your favorite celebrites, like Jennifer Aniston, Miley and Katy Perry! Now see what you can learn from him at BTC “On Tour!”


Bleach and Tone For Your Brightest Blonde


A few more looks from Justin Anderson!