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August 3, 2016

The 3 Upstyling How-Tos You Need To Know

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Upstyles—they’re great as a quick add-on service at the end of her appointment, plus with a fun updo you know she’s totally going to be obsessing over her look all day. Living Proof knows the importance of being able to craft a quick, solid and trendy style and they want to let you in on all their clues for making it happen.


The team’s Creative Director for the Global Salon Channel, Michael Shaun Corby, (who you’ve definitely seen on “Project Runway”!) talks through three step-by-steps we just can’t get enough of while using their latest product innovation, the Full Dry Volume Blast. As a revolutionary product that stylists and clients are both falling in love with, it’s ultra-lightweight and provides serious volume and texture that can last and last and last. See Michael’s three gorgeous styles: the double pony, the high roller and the major lift, all created with Full Dry Volume Blast. Get the how-tos and more information on the product below!


How-To: Double Pony

How-To: High Roller

How-To: Major Lift


Need a little more info on the Full Dry Volume Blast? We did, too! After all, who doesn’t love a texture spray you can totally trust? Just look at the volume transformation in the below images. Your clients can now go from thin, fine strands to mega volume in no time at all and it can last for actual days!  Get more info.


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