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November 10, 2014

The 3 Hottest Men’s Trends Right Now!

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There was a lot to celebrate at this year’s American Crew Opening Night event in Denver. It was Crew’s 20th anniversary—20 years of commitment to professional men’s grooming. All Star Challenge winners Jerome Kantner and Bradford Davison were on hand—each showcasing their considerable talents with a special presentation of looks.  American Crew Founder David Raccuglia was back—he’s serving as a consultant to the brand, and his creative fingerprints were all over everything, from the imagery and videos to the style concepts.  The company has a new “daddy”—it was recently acquired by Revlon Professional, a wide-reaching global brand. And shhhhh…we got wind of Liquid Wax, slated to launch next year, which Raccuglia promises will be a “game changer” for men’s styling.


And of course, as always, it was a celebration of men’s style, first and foremost. This season, according to Crew Technical Director Theri DeJoode and Artistic Director Paul Wilson, it’s all about new shapes rooted in the classics for guys. And those shapes take three specific forms:



1. The Rocker. These ’50s and ’70s inspired looks—think rockabilly meets Sex Pistols meet Chelsea Bridge rockers—appeal to every rebel in your chair. The top sections are super long and styled to buoyant heights; the sides are tight to the head and reminiscent of ’50s fenders.
Must-have product: American Crew Firm Hold Gel.



2. The Ivy League Athlete. The short, neat shapes of Ivy League rowing teams are embedded in American Crew’s DNA—the name itself was inspired by rowing “crews.” This year, the athletic shape returns, characterized by glossy finishes that represent a departure from the matte looks of past seasons, and achieved with a variety of clipper, shear and razor work. Must-have product: American Crew Pomade



3. Business on Top, Party on the Face. Classic foundations; hard parts; blended disconnections and playful, shiny textures top robust beard shapes in these looks, which combine old school barber detailing with new school texture. Must-have product: American Crew Light Texture Lotion to groom and soften beards with just a touch of shine.



“Crew has always been committed to men’s hair and grooming,” says Raccuglia. “When I started the company, I wanted to build a brand that was steeped in the tradition of old-school barbering.  And after 20 years, that’s still the foundation of American Crew.  In the ’50s, nine of 10 guys used something in their hair—like Vitalis or Brylcreem. That was good grooming.  In 1994, when we started, nine out of 10 guys used nothing in their hair. Today, nine out of 10 guys use product, and eight out of 10 of those products are American Crew. That makes me happy and proud.”


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