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December 15, 2014

That Mullet Has to Go—And other Solutions for Your “Stuck-in-a-Rut” Guy

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He has his favorite t-shirt, his favorite wrench and his favorite beer—and nothing’s going to convince him to change! But that ’80s haircut is so over! Here’s how to ease him into 2015.


Start Simple
Because he’s probably pretty attached to his look, go slow, advises Sheriff Mehmet for Jack Dean. “Reducing the length, or leaving it a bit longer or adding texture are all good ways to start. And new seasons are a great time to initiate change. Suggest a shorter cut when the weather starts to get warmer, for example, and explain that it will be more comfortable and easier to care for. Be sure to show him exactly how to style his new look. If it doesn’t look good, he won’t be happy!”


Keep Trying
Guys may not be open to change the first time, but it’s up to you to be armed with new ideas every time he comes into the salon. “Often, getting a guy out of a rut can be as simple as styling the hair differently, moving the part, shifting the interior weight balance or changing the proportion by leaving the hairline more natural,” notes TIGI® U.S. Creative Director, Thomas Osborn. “Just offer something new, whether he’s ready or not.”


Do a Demo
“It’s all about education and demonstration,” says Vaughn Acord of V76. “Get out some products and work them through the hair when he comes in, showing your client the different looks he can create. Don’t be afraid to play around and mess up the top—he’s going to be shampooed anyway!”

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