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March 28, 2017

System Professional Is Reimagining The Energy Of Hair

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No one turns down a cocktail hour on Chicago’s Michigan Ave.! So when System Professional, a new hair care brand that combines cutting-edge science with mastery hairdressing, invited behindthechair.com to their Windy City launch event at a cool downtown space, we were there.


The event showcased their new line and everything the brand stands for, namely the growing energy movement and how that relates to hair care products and the clients in your chairs. The new system suggests that every client has a different hair identity—a different hair energy—and works to customize every client’s own personal hair Energy Code™. Using their new System Professional app, the stylist can walk the client through a series of questions that will determine the client’s product prescription that’s best for their unique hair story.


The questions during the consultation cover every detail when it comes to the health and condition of your client’s hair and just like the system professional products, they fall under four categories that all target specific areas for optimal hair health. They are:


  1. Derma: promotes balance and purity on the scalp
  2. Fibra: offers hair repair and protection (ideal for color-treated hair)
  3. Forma: promotes hair health and hydration
  4. Extra: provides high-performance, in-salon conditioning for hair that has undergone deep transformations


Here is an example for how the app works and the questions your clients would answer before receiving their Energy Code™.


First, clients answer questions about the condition of their scalp.



Then, they answer questions about their coloring habits and overall hair health.



Next, clients explain their hair texture and thickness.



And lastly, their Energy Code™ is revealed! (The “Extra” step that provides in-salon services can be completed if you complete this process at your salon.) 



Check out some photos from the party below!

Rebecca Godlove, Director of Marketing for System Professional,
welcomed guests and kicked off the party with a quick presentation
on the new hair care brand and product line.


If the client wants to see what’s happening on their head—they can!
The System Professional technology also allows stylists and clients
to take a seriously close look at the scalp.



At the event, the app was open on a big screen to showcase
the process and questions every client would be asked when getting their
Energy Code™.

The Energy Code™ your client receives can include in-salon services
and take-home product recommendations.


During her “Energy Code” treatment and after!

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