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May 27, 2015

Swipe Right or Left—and Save Come Tax Season!

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Disclaimer: Before you get anxious at the sight of “tax season,” remember that 2015’s dreaded April 15 deadline has passed! You’re in the clear for another year. But, let’s be real, there needs to be a way to make next year’s tax season less stressful. Why isn’t there a way to track your business and personal expenses that would make the lives of independent contractors easier? Oh wait, there is! And you guessed it—there’s an app for that!    


Swipefin is an app that allows you track all of your expenses, personal and business, and sort them appropriately. Although it was originally launched as an app for realtors, it is quickly becoming a hot commodity with independent contractors. It lets you swipe right or left to sort between personal and business expenses, take photos of your receipts to be stored within the app and it forms your tax reports for you—allowing you to easily export to your tax preparation software. This will change the way you do business as an independent contractor in the salon.


See how it works below and download the app today!