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November 19, 2015

Sunset Coloring: The New Color Trend Your Clients Are Obsessed With

The Internet is on fire with a brand new hair obsession: Sunset Hair Coloring. And why not? These gorgeous, fiery blends are perfect for any client in need of chic and sweet at the same time.

You’ve got to stay on the ball to meet your clients’ #hairgoals, and BTC has got you covered once again. See what everyone’s talking about, and better yet, how you can get it!

How-To: Autumn Sunset Melt 

“This color was inspired by the colors of fall in Colorado. As a Colorado native living in California, I miss the rich colors of the Aspen trees in fall,” says stylist Lindsey Wentz @get_minted of Ciao Bella Salon in Lodi, California. “This color is a wonderful reminder of the richness of fall and harvest.” Using Flamboyage Meche Strips, Lindsey was able to create a beautiful blend with no slipping or bleeding. The self-adhesive nature of the Meche Strips allowed her to grab spontaneous pieces of hair—making this blend both natural and dynamic! See how she did it!

Starting Level: 10

Davines Color Formulas
Formula A: 30g 4,25; 30g MNV; 90g 20-volume developer Mask Color
Formula B: 10g 5,66; 10g Pure Colours Red; 20g cream base; 40g 20-volume developer A New Colour
Formula C: 10g 8,44; 10g Pure Colours Orange; 20g Cream Base; 40g 20-volume developer A New Colour
Formula D: 2g Pure Colours Yellow; 10g Cream Base; 20g 5-volume developer A New Colour

Apply Formula A to the entire base, feathering 3/4-inch out from the scalp.

2. Section from ear to ear and from the front hairline to the crown. Then isolate the fringe section.

3. Beginning in the back nape, take two sections, about 1/4-inch thick, and apply Formula B using Flamboyage Meche underneath to support and isolate.

4. Using a brick lay pattern, continue up the head using a split technique with Flamboyage Meche. Strategically alternate all four formulas to melt colors, creating shadows and highlights (Note: Place a Flamboyage Meche under the section and another on top of the 1/4-inch section, then peel apart to split the section in half). Paint on one or multiple colors to each side then sandwich and press gently together to process. Stop 1/4-inch under the crown.

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5. For the last section, place a single Flamboyage Meche under the section and paint Formula B on the midlengths then Formula D on ends. Roll the Flamboyage Meche up and mush as you roll to melt the colors together.

6. Moving to the sides, take small triangles directly over each ear and apply Formula A.

7. Move up the head in 1/4-inch sections in the same sandwich method as the back, making sure to mirror the color placement on the opposite side. On the last two sections on either side, use the rolling technique, applying Formulas B, C and D in that order from midlengths to ends.

8. Move to the fringe, and taking 1/8-inch sections, continue the color melting while creatively alternating Formulas B, C and D.

9. Process for 35 minutes, shampoo and condition with Davines Essentials MINU.

10. Towel-dry hair and apply MINU Serum, Oil Non Oil, Medium Hold Modeling Gel. Dry by wrapping, then use a bore bristle round brush to smooth and add volume. Finish with Medium Hold Hairspray for shine and texture.


It’s not sundown yet! See more of our fiery favs below.



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