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December 5, 2014

Stylists Share: OMG! Fashion Week Moments

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Although you can’t tell from the final looks on the runway, it’s not always smooth sailing backstage during Fashion Week. Many stylists (seasoned or not!) experience major hiccups before their perfectly-coiffed models hit the stage. Here are some truly, OMG Fashion Week moments!

Caution: Slippery When Wet
“About eight years ago, I was Guido’s assistant, and we did a 5 a.m. show. The models had come straight from a show the night before in which the stylists had put [Estée Lauder] Eight Hour Cream in their hair. It was totally greasy, so we put baby powder in their hair to get it out!
Then the girls started slipping, and we had to score their shoes. We were spraying the floor with hairspray to make it tacky! I still have panic from that show.”
–Holli Smith

Right Place, Wrong Time
“Once in Milan, I arrived backstage for a 6 a.m. show, and there was no assistant. 7 o’clock, no assistant. 8 o’clock, no assistant. There were 30 models! So I called my agent in Paris, and she said, ‘Oh sorry! I booked [your assistant] for tomorrow!’ I said ‘Oh my God—I have no time to complain!’ I curled, I curled like crazy. And the show was perfect.”
–Yannick, D’Is

A Close Shave
“The night before a menswear show, one of the male model’s roommates played a prank and shaved his head in the front. He showed up with a big bald spot, and we were like, ‘What are you, 12?!’ We had to put in a bunch of extensions, but it blended perfectly and no one ever knew.”
–David Cruz

Hat Trick
“Years ago, when I was assisting, I took every hat off of every girl as she came off the runway because I thought I was supposed to. When the models lined up for the finale, the stylist, Patti Wilson, screamed, ‘Who the f**k took off all the hats?!’ And I’m standing there with all the
hats. She never let me live it down, ever.”
–James Pecis
Won’t Hold Water
“I was doing a Joseph Altuzarra show in New York, and the girls were coming from Alexander Wang. Sixteen girls came in 20 minutes before the show with gel in their hair, and there were no washing facilities. So we had to wash the hair with bottles of Evian water over dust bins. I’d say that was pretty mental.”
–Paul Hanlon

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