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May 18, 2015

Stylists Do Have a Magic Wand!

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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take your clients’ hair from curly to straight and back again with only one tool? Now you can, with the FHI Heat Stylus™. For clients looking for a great second-day option, the Stylus™ provides multiple styling possibilities, making it a must-have product for all your clients. FHI Heat Celebrity Stylist, Gregory Patterson, shares his tips for creating curls in textured hair that has been straightened. Did we mention that this innovative little tool is a retail home run? Once you walk your client through the various styling options and let them try it for themselves, they’ll see how simple and easy it is to use, and they’ll want to take it home! Here’s how Stylus™ can help you take sleek and straight to luscious and curly.  


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1. Take a clean section of hair, clipping it out of the way.


2. Then, take a large section of hair, and using your Stylus™, brush through the hair to remove any tangles.


3. Next, brush the hair through, placing the Stylus™ on top of the section of hair, then rotate backwards giving a half turn with the stylus. If the red plate is facing the mirror, the half turn will take it away from the mirror.


4. Once you have rotated the Stylus™, hold the end out with the opposite hand and lightly glide through the hair. *When creating a curl using Stylus™ be sure to go slow and maintain tension.


5. Then go back and form the curl with your hands.


6.  Place the Stylus™ right at the base and give it a full turn. Once you have fully rotated the Stylus™, glide up the hair slowly. Be sure you can feel the tension. The pace is crucial to creating the curl.  *If you curl toward the face, you have to shape your curl to set toward the face. If you ribbon the hair back and away from the face, you need to from the curl back and away from the face so it can lock in and set.


7. Continue this pattern throughout the rest of the hair to create a curly style.



Post Your Best Finished Style for a Chance to WIN a Stylus Thermal Styling Brush (Top  Looks Will Win)!


Watch the video to learn how to take second-day hair from smooth to curly!


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