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December 17, 2014

Stylist Gives Free Cuts to the Homeless

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How do you spend your days off from the salon?


If you’re Mark Bustos, you spend them walking the sidewalks of New York City’s Union Square, Lower East Side and Midtown, providing free haircuts to the homeless.


Every Sunday, Mark, 30, a stylist at the upscale Three Squares Studios in NYC, takes a break from his celebrity clientele—who include the likes of Norah Jones and Marc Jacobs—and hits the streets in search of homeless men and women in need of a cut, trim, shave or style. He does up to 10 cuts each Sunday—his only day off.


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Mark started offering haircuts to the homeless two years ago, inspired by a trip to the Philippines where, struck by the number of impoverished children, he decided to rent a barbershop as a way of helping.


“Whether I’m giving one at work or on the street, I think we can all relate to the haircut and how it makes us feel,” Mark says. “We all know what it feels like to get a good haircut.”



Mark’s haircuts are always conducted on the street. If a park bench is not available, he will find a milk crate or turn over a shopping cart. Rain or freezing temperatures do not deter him.


“I do it on the streets, on the sidewalks, in the parks,” he says, “so people who walk by can find some inspiration in what I do.”


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