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Last updated: October 09, 2017

Stylist Allegedly Stole Top-Secret Haircolor Formula Cards

By Erin Joseph

It’s a misdeed in Midtown East! Located in New York City, the famed John Sahag Workshop salon has reported a theft that has their clients—and their current employees—reeling.  John Sahag Ltd. has filed papers with the Manhattan Supreme Court alleging that former Sahag stylist Reyna Garcia stole secret haircolor formula cards when she suddenly left Sahag after 5 years to work for their competitors, Metodo Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa, in June.

To make matters worse, John Sahag has quite the star-studded clientele. Guests of the salon include A-listers like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, making the alleged theft of the top-secret formula cards even more scandalous. “The Color Formula Cards are the key to the business. They list the specific needs of the client and the precise formula used to satisfy those needs,” the suit reads. “With this information, a competitor can be in a position to service the client without the need for experimentation to achieve desired color.”


Before she left Sahag, Reyna had been serving between 200 and 400 clients. It’s unknown how many of the formula cards are missing, but if they were all stolen, as alleged, it could mean serious financial damage to Sahag, as well as the release of confidential information about their clients.

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The suit continues to allege that since Reyna’s departure, four clients have reached out to Sahag and informed them that the Ferretti salon had contacted them to say their Sahag appointments with Reyna had been transferred to the Metodo Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa.

Sahag rushed to court seeking an emergency order barring Ferretti, also on Madison Ave. in midtown, from contacting its clients and using its hair formulas.


“The information on our cards is proprietary, precise,” said Paul Millus, lawyer for John Sahag. “It involves formulas and combinations that were worked out over long periods of time. It’s doubtful that she would have memorized the information.” The judge’s order allows Reyna to cut and color hair from former Sahag clients —she just can’t use Sahag’s formulas.

The Sahag suit also seeks unspecified monetary damages.