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February 25, 2015

Spray the Gray Away!

Want to make your gray coverage clients feel more confident between appointments? Send them home with Style Edit Root Concealer to ensure their roots don't drag them down!

Spray the Gray Away!


Stylists should be grateful for their gray coverage clients. Not only do they have to come in to pay a visit, but they also have a natural reminder to remind them that a coloring appointment is due—their graying roots! Because as goes the roots, so goes the whole head!

Realistically, however, not all clients can afford constant gray touchups or, for that matter, can afford to spend so much time at the salon. Stylists have a duty to ensure their clients have the best products to not only make their lives easier and meet their hair care needs, but to make them feel as confident as possible. That’s why all stylists should send their gray coverage clients home with root concealer, such as the Style Edit Root Concealer.

Equipped with a pinpoint applicator, the Style Edit Root Concealer is gray coverage in a can. Upon spraying the solution on your roots, the color latches on, eliminating any sign there ever was gray hair. As well, the Root Concealer only comes out during shampooing—preventing the nightmare scenario of watching one’s roots descend back into grayness during a stroll through a light rain.

Style Edit Root Concealer comes in five shades (right) ensuring that, regardless of the original base color, all shades are covered. The all-encompassing shades include Black/Dark Brown, Medium/Light Brown, Blonde, Auburn/Red and Lightest Brown/Blonde, the newest formula from Style Edit.

What’s most important is being able to give clients an added three to four weeks between visits knowing that they are confident with their color!

WATCH NOW—See how Style Edit Root Concealer gives instant results!  


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