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September 14, 2015

Spray Away the Gray

You can’t always be with your clients, but as you know, they still need your help between salon visits! After all, regrowth and gray hair? Not really confidence boosters. Thanks to Keratherapy Keratin Infused Perfect Match Gray Root Concealer, you can help her with a temporary fix before she makes it back to the salon.

A Simple Cover-up in No Time
Fast and easy to use, Keratin Infused Perfect Match Gray Root Concealer utilizes a target applicator so she can place the color directly in her areas of need. This spray blends seamlessly into her existing color while also concealing. The color doesn’t run or smear and lasts until shampoo’d out.

Perfect Match naturally dries in minutes. But if time is tight, blow-dry the hair on a cool setting to accelerate the process. If accidentally applied to the skin, all your client has to do is remove it with a damp cloth. Perfect Match comes in five colors: Blonde, Black, Medium to Dark Brown, Light Brown and the newly released Auburn Red.

Hide Those Extensions
Whether a tape-in or a protein bond, grown out extensions can be a little challenging to hide. Not anymore. At the point of attachment, use a little Keratin Infused Perfect Match, blending the root to the extensions. When spraying, do not heavily layer it on the hair. Spray the color in short bursts, picking and choosing color placement and keeping it even. See how it works HERE!

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Watch Keratherapy Perfect Match and cover those grays in no time!