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April 4, 2013

Sexy Rocks and So Do These Rising Sexy Stars

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By Jackie Summers


In every salon and corporate boardroom, at every trade show, whenever beauty industry movers and shakers come together, you hear the same questions. “Where is the fresh young talent?  Who are the rising stars of beauty?” There’s one place where that questions doesn’t arise, however. At Sexy Hair, the “under-30s” populate the education, creative and sales teams in mighty numbers—bringing the unbridled enthusiasm, passion and ambition that only the young can provide. At the same time, Sexy offers their rising stars the mentoring and growth opportunities they crave. “We look for young professionals with an intense desire to grow,” says Sexy Artistic Creative Director Rafe Hardy, “and with a commitment to helping others grow.”


Meet four outstanding young Sexy “rock stars” who are thrilled to be part of the team, and could just be tomorrow’s beauty biz superstars. (You saw it here first!)


Sexy Rising Star: Missy Croquart, 25
Bella Donna Salon, Bettendorf, Iowa
Sexy job: Regional Education Manager and Sexy Hair Master Artist


Missy comes from a family of artists—her mom and sister sculpt and paint. Missy has found her art (and her passion) in beauty—in addition to doing hair and teaching, she also has an esthetician’s license and is working on her Bachelor’s degree in business management and marketing. Why? Because this firecracker intends to do it all! And, she says, “I love to learn!”


Why Sexy Hair? “I discovered Sexy Hair at my first hair show. I wanted to be part of the team so badly I agreed to model and let them cut my long, curly hair. After that I offered to do anything—sweep hair, shampoo models—so that I could hang out. Then they invited me to come to another show in St. Louis. I stepped behind the booth, picked up a product, read the label and started selling. It came so naturally!”


Who are your mentors? “My family—my mom, dad and sister. They’re artists and they get it. At Sexy Hair, former Director of Education and Shows Marlene Amezcua.”



What’s your Sexy Hair teaching philosophy? “Be methodical and scientific. I’m the ingredients queen. I’m all about the ‘whys’. Because when you get the ‘why’ you get that ‘aha’ moment. I’m also inquisitive. I try to know as much as I can and be as well-rounded as possible.”


Where in the world have you been with Sexy? “Latin America. I coach at the Institute of Courage in Los Angeles. I worked on the Go Red for Women at LA Fashion Week in 2011. I was also part of the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) team for Althea Harper (a Project Runway Season 6 alum) that fall. This past September, I was part of the Indashio fashion show during NYFW. The team had to work in the basement of the venue and it was 100 degrees, which presented a challenge to styling hair, but we just got busy and got it done!”


What’s your Sexy style? “Polished, polished, polished. Even if hair is intentionally frizzy, for example, it has to have purpose.”


Favorite style you’ve created so far? “The pompadour with an expanded fishtail braid for New York Fashion Week.”


What’s your mantra? “It’s not what the world will give me, it’s what will I give the world.”


Favorite Sexy product: Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo because you can use it many ways—like to extend the life of a style or as a styling aid to add lift at the root.


Rafe says: “Missy is creative and fantastic with upstyles. She sees it and she can do it. She feels responsible for helping other people get better.”


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