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May 24, 2016

Sexy and Rebellious

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He lived fast and died young. He raced sleek cars at high speeds on wide, empty, Southern California highways. In his film roles, he was the handsome, troubled hero who defied convention and railed against the status quo. And his hair? His hair was absolutely fabulous.


James Dean was a rebel,” declares Jennifer Weiderman, VP of Marketing and Education at Sexy Hair. “And after looking at hair trends and iconic men, and talking to stylists and their clients about the people who inspired them, it became clear. Dean was a very sexy bad boy and the perfect face of Sexy Hair’s men’s products.”



Although Dean died tragically in 1955 at the impossibly young age of 24, his image has lived on for decades, resonating with every new generation—much like Marilyn Monroe, who is also a sexy “face” for Sexy Hair. The new campaigns for the company are designed for James Dean fans of all ages.


Clients and stylists will notice James Dean imagery on displays and posters while stylists have an opportunity to learn new Dean-inspired clipper cuts in special training sessions. “To see how to get a James Dean-inspired look, visit sexyhair.com for the complete step-by-step,” says Jennifer. The brand is also launching a contest that offers the winner a trip to California to experience the James Dean lifestyle.


To further support the “Dean-ification” of the brand, Sexy created several new products. Inspired by Dean’s signature hairstyle, Matte Clay is a no-shine clay that separates, defines and molds hair in place to deliver a strong matte hold. “We studied trends and saw photos of Dean as an inspiration of a more matte approach to finishing,” explains Jennifer. Rejoining the Sexy men’s party is the rereleased Rough and Ready, which creates a unique texture with medium shine and hold. Matte Clay and Rough and Ready join Sexy Hair’s famous, firm-hold “blue gel”—aka Hard Up Hard Holding Gel—in the James Dean collection. Hard Up produces maximum hold and all-day shine without flaking.


“James Dean had that undefinable something that makes a true icon,” says Jennifer. “And a Sexy appeal to both men and women that’s never faded.”

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