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March 24, 2015

Set Your Sights on Destination Imagination

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Get excited for Matrix’s event with this voluminous waterfall braid step-by-step 


Believe. Dream. Dare. Succeed. These words are the mantra for Matrix 2016 Destination Imagination. From January 23-25, 2016, Matrix’s best artists will come together for three days of education, offering a handful of Look & Learn and Hands On classes!


To whet your appetite for what you can expect at Destination Imagination, Matrix Global Ambassador, Dan Roldan, created this subtle yet voluminous waterfall braid using Matrix’s newest line, Style Link. Each of these new products is made with hybrid molecules that, you guessed it, link different polymers and silicones together through the use of various products in their line. With these products, you’ll be able to prep, play and perfect your look unlike ever before! Here is how Dan created this look:


1. Apply Matrix Style Link Texture Builder to the comb and proceed to backcomb throughout the hair to create volume.


2. Create two parallel rows of waterfall braids running along the crown.


3. Pin the ends under the hair.


4. For added volume, spray with Matrix Style Link Volume Fixer.


5. Finish off by misting the hair with Matrix Style Link Style Fixer.



Interested in learning more from Dan and the Matrix Team LIVE? Here are the Look & Learn and Hands On class offerings at Matrix 2016 Destination Imagination:  


Look & Learn Classes


Creating Celebrity Color with Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas
George is always crisscrossing the country for celeb’s coloring needs, and at Destination Imagination, he will spill Hollywood’s best kept secrets, allowing you to recreate looks in your salon.


Men’s Street Style with Matrix Global Artist, Franco Della Grazia; Matrix Educator, Tara Koenig; and Co-owner of Peter Marcus Hairdressing, Marcus Shamim
Besides being on opposing sides of the Atlantic, men’s styles in New York and London vary greatly. Franco, Tara and Peter will show you how to combine the UK’s edge with New York’s prep for truly unique styles.


Kaleidoscope with Matrix Artistic Director, Nick Stenson; Co-owner of JORDAN BURR, Jo Jordan; and Matrix Artistic Designer, Lenny Strand
Looking for the next hot coloring technique? It’s all about giving the hair a 3D look. Nick, Jo and Lenny will show you the latest techniques for making color multidimensional.


Matrix 2016 Trend with Matrix Artistic Director, Chrystofer Benson, and Matrix Artistic Designer, Dan Csicsai
What is the trend of the future? Chrystofer and Dan will guide you through the latest trends in haircolor, cuts and styles—and how Matrix is leading the way in creating tomorrow’s style!


Hands On Classes


Progressive Cutting with Dan Roldan; Matrix Global Design Team Member, Paul Falltrick; and Matrix Educator, Tarra Dean
Dan, Paul and Tarra will teach you the Matrix CRAFT Methodology to expand your cutting skills behind the chair—boosting your confidence and inspiring your clients to take a chance on a new cut!


From Dream to Reality with Matrix Artistic Director, Nicholas French; Owner of The Loft Salon, Michael Albor; and Matrix Educator, Cori Randall
Who better to teach avant-garde style than NAHA winners? Nicholas, Michael and Cori will lead you through the basics of avant-garde style and how to best style for editorial work.


Color Outside the Lines with Matrix International Color Spokesperson, Gina Khan; Matrix Director of Training, Leah Sterk; Matrix Artistic Design, Robert Santana; and Logics Visionary, Steve Waldman
Color correction is part of the job—so why is it so scary for so many stylists? Let Gina, Leah, Robert and Steve chase away your fears by giving you hands-on, problem-solving techniques.