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June 20, 2016

Sebastian Unveils 2017 Eclectic Collection

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It was all about embellishment when the Sebastian Professional team unveiled the brand new Eclectic Collection at North American H.Q. in Los Angeles. Led by Global Art Directors Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey, and featuring International Artist Marylle Koken, Studio Signature Artist Oliver Shortall and What’s Next Awards 2016 Winner Gianpaolo Colombo, the Eclectic presentation was a celebration of individuality, personal expression and unconventional materials. Hair was bound in leather, studded with nails, impaled on tiny wooden spears, clenched in metal clips and belt buckles and bundled in knots. “It’s all about repurposing,” explained Oliver. “It reflects the Millennial sensibility and esthetic.”


The Eclectic artists.


See how Oliver Shortall whips his hairstyle into shape…with leather.



The collection, which will serve as the inspiration for the 2017 What’s Next Awards competition, features minimal makeup and muted wardrobe palettes. “It’s all about using existing materials to make new shapes,” explained Michael. “We’re seeing a revision of personal styling,” added Shay. “It led us to recycle things like belt buckles and leather cording, and see what new shapes we could create. As a result, each look is unique but also part of a big family. Today, it’s so much about self-expression, and setting your own trends. No labels, just style.”



Eclectic is all about using existing materials to make new shapes.

Meet What’s Next Awards 2016 Winner Gianpaolo Colombo


Two new products serve as perfect support for the Eclectic Collection’s understated shapes. Dark Oil, aka “Body in a Bottle,” is a unique formula that disappears into the hair in seconds and smooths strands for up to 48 hours. The thicker fluid adheres to the hair for a more precise application, replenishing from the inside out to smooth the cuticle and add body. Dark Oil also features a swoon-worthy fragrance—a blend of natural oils, including sandalwood, cedarwood and Argan. Sublimate Hair Crème, launching in September, creates cashmere-smooth shine when applied to dry hair. It’s invisible and lightweight, yet provides definition and frizz control. Oliver recommends reapplying Sublimate throughout the day to maintain maximum shine and control.


Tattoos are the Millennial generation’s preferred method of self-expression, so as a nod to this group’s passion for ink, Sebastian has partnered with famed London tattoo artist Maxime Büchi. Charged with creating tattoos to represent key Sebastian products—including Shaper, Craft Clay, Potion 9, Volupt, Dark Oil and Sublimate—Maxime’s designs will be featured on special edition packages that are destined to become collector’s items.


London tattoo artist Maxime Büchi created a collection of Eclectic
tattoos that will be part of limited edition packaging.


“If you look at the youth,” said Shay and Michael, “the confidence that they have nowadays is very reflective on their spirit or their attitude or even their appearance. They have a uniqueness about them which gives us strength and freedom to create amazing sort of jewelry or art. Their mindset is so free, they’re not really worried about labels, they’re not worried about what the mainstream label is doing, they’re more worried about what they’re doing and what their peers are doing. There’s this innocence and this freedom like, ‘I can make a difference too. I don’t have to worry about following. I can just do it myself.’ That’s what Eclectic is all about.”


Climb inside the minds of Michael and Shay



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