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July 31, 2015

Sebastian Metamorphik Collection: Are You Fearless?

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Let’s be honest—Sebastian Collections are not for the faint of heart. The company’s heritage is rooted in presenting stylists with textures, shapes and products that shock, disrupt and overthrow the status quo. They’re not for everybody…and they certainly aren’t for your “just a trim and some highlights” clients. But here’s the thing.  In time, many of the textures and techniques that might startle you when they’re unveiled make their slow way into mainstream consciousness and mainstream fashion. One day, you look back and realize that the frayed or crimped or hyper-glossed hair that made you go “huh?” has been modified for public consumption.


It was in that spirit of fearlessness that Sebastian International Artist, Marylle Koken, NAHA Winner and Design Team Member, Anthony Cress and Key Studio Artist, Frank Andrade presented Metamorphik—the newest Sebastian Collection. Inspired by a compilation of elements—including underground art, music and fashion, as well as technology and raw elements from nature—the looks feature unexpected extremes where the sleekest shine and most explosive texture manifest side by side. The collection also serves as a showcase for two transformational new Sebastian products—Eruptek and Resintek.



Eruptek: Volcanic ash paste wraps around each individual hair strand.  This tactile paste activates instantly when blow-dried into the hair, creating explosive, matte, remoldable volume.



Resintek: Liquified sap morphs into a flexible, patent-leather finish on the hair. It offers insane hold, but it’s also totally re-moldable. Great for barbering, creating volume in short hair and androgynous looks.



Appropriately, the artists were asked about their own fearless approach to their work.  “Education gives me the power to be fearless,” declared Maryelle. “You have to go for it—even if you’re frightened, approach your ideas and your work wholeheartedly,” added Frank. And from Anthony: “Fear is a catalyst. There’s always a little fear when something is hard. You overcome it.”


Metamorphik will serve as the inspiration for the 2016 Sebastian What’s Next Awards. Stylists can enter now at www.whatsnextawards.com, and entries close November 1. The winners will be announced at the live What’s Next event, February 21, 2016 in Miami.




And P.S. Here’s the formula for this pink parfait color (applied on prelightened hair):
Sebastian Cellophanes 50g Clear + 25g Champagne + 25g Pearl + 2g Cranberry.