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April 16, 2015

Schwarzkopf Professional Takes Over Calgary

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Sold-out Two Day Event Showcases the Latest Trends Straight from the Runway!


After a year of closely examining fashion trends walking down the runway around the world, Schwarzkof Professional hosted 700 hairdressers, salon owners and distributors in Calgary, Canada to celebrate the launch of their fashion-inspired Essential Looks 1:2015 The Modern Style Collection Event. This sold-out experience not only showcased look and learn classes but also featured special presentations including the North American launch of The Essential Looks, Paul Pereira 2015 Men’s Trend Collection, 2015 Inspirational Hair Trends by Damien Carney and Rossa Jurenas, IGORA Power Browns, and Kim Vo’s Iconic Blondes. It’s no wonder this event sold out in only 10 days!


See Kim Vo at COLOR, Cut & Style 2015 in New Orleans, September 26-29!




The Essential Looks were divided into three trends that can be easily translated into cut, color and style techniques for in-salon stylists behind the chair: Pearlescence, Hippi Glam and Rok Chik.


Pearlescence Girls



“We were going for very soft and pretty movement through the hair using lighter variations of Soft Candy, Amber, Tangerine, Magenta, Emerald, Lavender and Mint colors. It’s all about airy styles that look like they will fall out but don’t,” notes North American Creative Director Damien Carney. “I love these colors for clients because most people would never even think about incorporating vibrant colors, but with lighter variations, it breaks down those clients’ walls and allows for pastels to be worked in. It also allows for color pallets to be switched easily.”


Hippi Glam

Essential Looks proves that hippie beach life is no longer a singular trend, but rather a whole beauty phenomenon. “Plain and simple, think of your vintage 70’s style, all grown up,” says Essential Looks Stylist, Michelle Oliver, explaining the inspiration behind the trend.



North American Colour Director, Rossa Jurenas also added that in this particular trend, “the color should be applied using our Kiss-Shaped Sponge. You will want to work two or three shades of blonde into the midlengths of the hair creating a perfectly blended and natural look. But, don’t get carried away, or else you might create a line of demarcation!”



Rok Chik

This particular trend brought an edgier style to finish off the collection. “Think of your Tom Ford clients—leather pants and all” says Damien. “This trend is all about fringes and tougher, shorter looks.”



Paul Pereira 2015 Men’s Trend Collection

After winning the NAHA for Favorite Men’s Artist, Paul inspired the crowd once more creating a collection ranging from dapper gentlemen to his take on Viking style.



IGORA High Power Browns

The premiere of Schwarzkopf Professional’s newest collection to up your brunette game, IGORA High Power Browns, offered a sneak peak ranging from subtle auburn hints to deep chocolate undertones. Ready to get your hands on this latest line from SKP? You can expect the new line to launch on May 1!



Iconic Blondes by Kim Vo

The Blonde Global Ambassador, closed out the two day event with his most coveted blonding secrets while walking the audience through his iconic blondes. “When your client sits in your chair, you need to ask them, ‘do you want your hair to whisper, talk or shout?’” Kim says. “The secret is in the conversation, and knowing who your clients are.”



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