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October 10, 2014

Salon Business BOOsters: Halloween Edition

Hair and makeup are essential parts of any great Halloween get-up, but with costumes becoming more and more intricate, it’s gotten harder for people to create the perfect costumes at home. So if your salon has ever thought about offering Halloween hair and makeup services, now’s the time! To help you get started, BTC rounded up a few salons—Dolce Salon & Spa in Arizona and Ricky’s Salon in New York City— that have mastered the art of Halloween business. Here, they share some pointers on how to get in the spirit and give your salon a BOOst this Halloween season. Listen up—these tips are scary good!


1. Do Your Research
Figure out ahead of time which costumes might be popular this year so you’ll be prepared to create the looks your clients want. “Adults always want to try to be creative,” says Zach Garfinkel, manager of field and event promotions at Ricky’s. “People watch a lot of TV, so you have to pay attention to what characters are going to be popular in costumes.” This year, Zach anticipates a lot of costumes from the Showtime series Penny Dreadful. Also on Zach’s radar are characters from Fargo, Orange is the New Black, and, for your male clients, True Detective.



2. Plan ahead
“Be properly set up for the experience,” says Zach. “That’s my number one rule.” This means you need to make sure you have an area to work with, a solid hair and makeup team and you might even consider bringing on freelance makeup artists for the season. Successfully adding Halloween services to your salon menu is going to take time, experience and dedication.


3. Stay connected
Use social media to generate hype about your costume services. “We just cannot over-emphasize the importance of social media buzz,” says Dolce Salon & Spa’s Social Media Specialist Kat Cannon. “We post tons of different [Halloween] looks on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is the main way we promote. Clients know if we can do a scarily realistic zombie, we’re going to do a great cat or princess.”



4. Practice Makes Perfect
“Education is huge for us,” says Kat. “Products and techniques used for Halloween looks can be applied and can blend differently, so we practice months in advance. If we aren’t prepared, we’re not going to build a reputation for quality Halloween makeup.”


Bonus tip: According to Kat, working on looks in the middle of your salon is a great conversation starter and an opportune way to cross promote throughout the season. Clients coming in for all services will stop and ask about the unique makeup looks they see—building buzz and excitement!


5. Get Creative
Usually, just coming up with an idea for a Halloween costume is half the battle, so your clients will love a little help. Ricky’s recently discovered this when they brought on a service called “Costume Concierge,” a costume styling experience that offers not only hair, makeup and costume services, but ideas for costumes as well. “If you had no idea what you wanted to be for Halloween, we would come up with some ideas for you,” says Zach. “When we did that, we were busy all day.”



To get you started, here are two looks we think will be big hits this year!

Halloween How-To: Day of the Dead Candy Skull

Halloween How-To: Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones