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October 1, 2015

Reflection: COLOR, Cut and Style 2015

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When behindthechair.com Creative Director and Founder Mary Rector-Gable came up with the idea for this year’s COLOR, Cut & Style Show, she was on a camping trip at Yellowstone National Park. Sitting beside a babbling brook, Mary was reading her muse—Henry Thoreau’s masterpiece Walden”—when she came across a passage she hadn’t remembered before. It was about a branch that had snapped off of a tree only from the force of its own weight, and it got her thinking about how much stress we add to our own lives.


Mary Rector-Gable opens COLOR, Cut & Style 2015!


Life has its storms, hardships and struggles where the winds are whipping and the rain is coming down. Amidst chaos it’s hard to look at yourself, see your own hopes and dreams. But when the world calms and the storm clears, left behind is the water, forming reflective pools on the ground. This is when we can look down and see ourselves.


Mary’s beautiful opening speech at BTC’s COLOR, Cut & Style


What do you see? Do you see perseverance—someone who’s weathered the storms life has thrown at them? Do you see a work-in-progress, one getting stronger and more beautiful every day? Do you see the important person you are who gives selflessly and changes and improves other people’s lives every day?


Here at BTC, we see you—we see you for who you truly are. And we believe in you. You make an impact on every person you touch. You’ve found your life’s creative passion and you work day in and day out to create the art of your dreams. And this year’s COLOR, Cut & Style 2015 was all about you—a weekend of self-discovery.


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Stylists from all across the industry gather on the opening stage.


On Sunday morning, REFLECTION truly began. When taking the stage at the start of the show and inviting every COLOR team up to take an introductory bow, BTC knew this would be a transformative event for everyone involved. With its top-notch education and a strong, loving sense of community, COLOR could change everything.  



See the whole opening to COLOR, Cut & Style HERE! 


“It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.”—Henry David Thoreau