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April 10, 2017

Premiere Orlando Is Expanding Their Men’s Grooming Education

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Even though the men in your chair might not realize that trends are always changing doesn’t mean it’s not happening. That’s why it’s your job to always be up on what’s in (and what’s not) for the guys coming to your salon. And that’s exactly why Premiere Orlando is expanding their men’s grooming education this year, offering more than 25 different classes as well as four hands-on workshops! Here’s a breakdown of some of the can’t-miss segments happening June 3 to 5.



Get Your Barber Fix with Reuzel



When Reuzel barbers Leen and Bertus from the Schorem Barbershop of Rotterdam take the stage, there are two certainties. One, you’re in for some epic education on men’s grooming, and two, you’re in for a guaranteed good time. We would know—we brought these two to our COLOR, Cut & Style show and it was everything you’d expect. Check out how their show at CCS went and get pumped to see them in Orlando!


Go Hands-On with Andis



In need of some clipper-cutting education? Or maybe you’re trying to master your classic fade. Either way you’re in luck because the Andis team of barbers, including Jason Potchen, Angel Raws, Sean Casey and Kenny Duncan, will be going over both of these technical skills all weekend long!


The Basics From Wahl
Did you know that everything you can do with your shears you can do with your clippers? But, don’t think you can reverse that thought, because not everything you can do with clippers you can do with your shears! Whoa, now that’s a mind trip, and that’s also why the Wahl team is going over how to make the most of your time behind the chair. From layering, texturizing, blending, brush-cutting and point-cutting, Kristi Faulkner and Tom Quigley are going to be covering all of it.



And that’s not all—Johnny B. Hair Care, social media influencer Eric Pacinos, Tomb45 Co-Founders, Chris Bossio and Christian Perez, Gentlemen Republic, Layrite Men’s Grooming Products and Ivan Zoot (AKA ClipperGuy) will all be covering everything you want to know about men’s grooming over the weekend! And, there is going to be a men’s grooming competition throughout the 3-day event, too—so click here and get all the details now!

And if you haven’t heard yet, our very own 
Stylist Choice Awards will be held Sunday, June 4 at 7 p.m. on the Premiere Orlando main theater stage, so Get your tickets and VOTE NOW!