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February 24, 2015

Pony Tales: 5 Wonderfully Wearable Updos

When it comes to New York Fashion Week hair, it’s safe to say that not everything is street-style ready. Luckily, this season brought us an abundance of attractive styles—from tomboy twists to bondage-inspired ponies. So we combed through the sea of updos seen in all the hottest runway shows to bring you the most wearable, client-friendly styles you can take back to the salon.

The Show: Clover Canyon 
Lead Stylist: Allen Wood for Bumble and bumble

Playing on a variation of bondage, the hair for Tanya Taylor’s show took cues from the vertical lines and deep hues of the collection. Ponytails were bound with black cord and texturized for a haphazard effect, leaving the front clean with a side part for a minimal polished effect.

Get the Look:
1. Section the back portion of hair at the nape of the neck into a hidden ponytail, leaving the top section of the head loose.

2. Collect the loose hair into a ponytail and tie it to the base of the hidden ponytail, creating a large one.

3. Spray Bumble and bumble Does It All Styling Spray on the crown of the head and use a brush to smooth back any flyaways.

4. Saturate the ponytail with Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion, then use black elastic cord to wrap the ponytail into bondage sections, keeping the look disheveled.

The Show: Mara Hoffman
Lead Stylist: Thomas Osborn for TIGI


It was the braid heard round the world—Mara Hoffman’s Star-Wars-inspired look that made its debut in her Autumn/Winter 2015 runway show at New York Fashion Week. Always one to embrace creativity on the catwalk, Mara teamed up with TIGI® US Creative Director, Thomas Osborn, who created this ethereal, dual-texture look, inspired by intergalactic warriors.

Get the Look
1. Prep the hair with CATWALK® by TIGI® Session SeriesTM Salt Spray and create a clean, center part from the hairline to nape, securing hair in two low ponytails for the time being.

2. Use a paddle brush and a bit of CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Work It Hairspray to smooth hair and set the severity of the part.

3. Using pins, secure one extra-long, pre-made braid (using extensions) just behind the ear and cross over the crown. Repeat with a second pre-made braid in the opposite direction, crossing over the other braid to make an “X” on top of the head.

4. Next, remove elastics from pigtails and begin braiding the ends of the braids into each pony, using a 3-strang technique and incorporating wefts of hair into the braid as you go to add length. Secure each side with an elastic, leaving a significant amount of unbraided hair below the elastic.

5. Secure the two braids together, taking care to hide the pins and create the illusion of intertwined braids.

6. Use fingers to pull on pieces of the braid to create an undone texture and set the look with CATWALK® by TIGI® Session Series Work It Hairspray.  

The Show: Richard Chai
Lead Stylist: Kevin Ryan for UNITE

For Richard Chai’s Fall/Winter show, the UNITE team created a casual and sophisticated hybrid figure 8 bun. “This look walks a fine line between prissy and pretty, and carefree and lived in,” says Kevin.

Get the Look:
1. Spray UNITE TRICKY Spray from roots through ends to give hair grip and matte shine.

2. Sprinkle UNITE EXPANDA Dust through hair for extra grip and volume. 

3. Pull hair straight back into a ponytail and secure at the nape of the neck with an elastic band.

4. Make a very loose braid from the ponytail and secure the end with a second elastic hair band at the end; making sure to leave at least 1-2” of hair loose.

5. Using forceps, pull the end of the ponytail through the hair above the top elastic band—this will create a “figure 8” bun.

6. Work with the bun to neatly dishevel the braided bun in order to create a braided, undulating shape, and then secure the hair with a bobby pin.

7. Finish the look by adding a headband that completely wraps around the hairline, ensuring that all hair is completely swept away from the face.

The Show: Ryan Roche
Lead Stylist: James Pecis for PHYTO

Margiela’s collections for Hermes in the late ‘90s were the inspiration behind Ryan Roche’s pretty, yet tomboyish updo. Overall, the look is elegant and pared-back with hints of femininity, complementing the ultraluxe mix of textures and a subdued color palette of the collection. 

Get the Look:
1. Spray the hair root to end with Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray and blow-dry. The goal is to get added volume at  the front and sides of the hair.

2. With a 1” curling iron, take large sections of the hair and add waves for a more textured feel.
3. Work PHYTO Professional Shine Defining Wax in at the roots and through the hair to give added definition and piece-y finish.

4. Loosely pull hair half-back and secure with pins.

5. Finish by misting Phytolaque Soie Hairspray to keep in place.

The Show: La Perla Haute Couture
Lead Stylist: Akki Shirakawa for OSiS+

This trendy upstyle is textured and severe on top, giving it a slightly androgynous feel in the front. But a flirty, braided pony in the back adds a feminine touch. Just call it an of-the-moment take on the mullet!

Get the Look:
1. Apply OSiS+ Glamour Queen Volumizing Hairspray from roots to ends to build a thick base texture.

2. Blow-dry while holding the sides tight to create a sharp masculine look in front.

3. Finger through OSiS+ Session Label Silk Shine Cream throughout hair to ensure a natural shine and added texture.

4. Take large sections of hair and braid in the middle from the crown to the end of the nape, secure with a small rubber band.

5. To keep and set the look for the runway, spray OSiS+ Elastic Flexible Hold Hairspray to the entire head.