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June 28, 2015

Passion Plum Sunset

Bright, bold and blended—your clients are demanding custom, multi-tonal melts, but creating these neon-pastel brights can be tricky. Here Alyssa Wiener @lysseon, Head Colorist/Stylist at Stylin’ in Norwalk, CT delivers a custom creation that ticks all the boxes using Kenra Creative Color.

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Kenra Color Formulas
Violet: 1 1/2 tubes of Kenra Creative Violet + 1/2 tube of Creative Red
Red: 1 tube of Creative Red +  a few ribbons of Creative Orange
Orange: Creative Orange

1. Apply Kenra Lightener + 20-volume developer on regrowth for and process for 20 minutes until hair lightens to a Level 9/10. Then wash and dry the hair. (While this is processing, use a direct dye lifter mixed with 10-volume on the client’s ends.)

2. Apply the Violet mixture at the root and feather it down about an inch . Do this until regrowth is covered.

3. Starting in the back, take diagonal forward sections about an inch thick, saturating the ends with the Orange mixture, then blending the color into the Red mixture in the middle, and then blurring it into the Violet. Tip: Apply the color in a deep. V shape, similar to a balayage technique. Also be sure to wipe your gloves between colors until each section is fully saturated.

4. Rinse with cold water and wash the hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. Condition and style as desired.