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September 15, 2015

NYFW: Making Glam Waves

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Tons of styles look amazing on the runway, but what about on the clients in your salon? During New York Fashion Week, soft, sexy glam curls are making a comeback. Whether sleek and smooth with a an elegant twist or big, beachy and beautiful, these classic styles are gorgeous and completely wearable! Here are a few of our favorites.


Rebecca Vallance
Hair by Paul Norton, Joico Celebrity Hairstylist & Spokesperson



Styling for the Rebecca Vallance show, Pop Noir Celebrity Hairstylist Paul Norton used inspiration from two entirely different glamour worlds to create this smooth, classic style. Think Hollywood Film Noir meets 1970’s Pop Culture. The result? A voluminous, radiant curl perfect not just for the runway, but for everyday life.


Get the Look
1. The foundation of the look is hair that is rich in color and luminosity! And because healthy hair is happy hair and great looking hair, use color-infusing/balancing shampoos and conditioners to get vibrant hair color and shine.
a. Brunettes try Joico Color Balance Blue to prevent or correct brassiness
b. Blondes try Joico Color Balance Purple to boost shine and correct any developing orange tinge
c. Redheads try Joico Color Infuse Red for longer lasting, rich color


2. Once the hair is washed, prep damp hair with Joico Heat Set focusing on the roots. Distribute evenly throughout the hair. This helps to reduce drying time, de-frizz and allows for great weightless styling control.


3. Using a round brush, blow-dry hair starting from the roots, angling the nozzle downward so hair is ultra-smooth and flat at the crown. Follow through to the ends, rounding under slightly.


4. Once the hair is dry, spray the hair with Joico IronClad and flat iron, starting at the root area down about 2 inches.


5. Using a large curling iron or a wand, curl 1-inch sections of hair away from the face. The curl should begin several inches away from the root (avoiding the area that was previously flat ironed) and continue through to the ends.


6. Once the hair is curled, use a large paddle brush and vigorously brush through all of the curls to create a super glamorous, full and bouncy wave.


7. Finish the look using Joico’s all-star Hair Shake. Start from the bottom and work your way up to add instant texture and volume. Section out the hair and lightly finger backcomb the hair, so it stacks on top of itself to fill out the ends.


8. For the final step, tilt the head back, allowing the hair to dangle down freely. Set the style with Joico Flip Turn Hairspray for added body and flexible hold.


Hair by Woody Michleb, International Artistic Director Cut & Style Keratin Complex



Woody Michleb, International Artistic Director Cut & Style Keratin Complex, created this luxurious, relaxed curl for the Glaudi show. Voluminous and bouncy, these tousled tresses are sure to please. Here’s how to give your clients this easy, glamorous wave!


1. Spritz the hair with Keratin Complex Sweet Definition Texturizing Spray.


2. Using a 1 3/4-inch Cone Barrel, take 1-inch wide sections and wrap around the barrel without letting go of the hair, creating a twist in the section


3. Hold for up to 5 seconds and then release


4. Continue throughout the head


5. To define the style, mix MoldMe and Glowtion Potion together and use your fingers to separate the hair and define the waves


Brother Vellies
Hair by Sabrina Michals, Bb. Director of Creative Styling



For the Brother Vellies show, Sabrina Michals, Bb. Director of Creative Styling knew she had create her styles from a more natural angle. Think post-hippie minimalist—a ‘70s flare with a pinch of ‘90s. Sabrina tailored each style to her model’s personality and hair type, whether straight, curly, dreads or afros! Here are some tips for how you can achieve that soft, easy glamor in your salon.


1. Curly: Enhance curls with Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious, using the Reactivating Mist, Defining Creme, and Holding Foam.


2. Extreme Curl: To enhance extreme curls, use Thickening Full Form Mousse and Don’t Blow It, working it into the hair. Air dry for soft, natural results.


3. Straight: For girls with straighter hair, create a lived in texture by spraying hair with Thickening Hairspray and Dryspun Finish. Once air dried, break the hair using fingers for a textured, natural look.

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