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September 22, 2014

MINDBODY Cracks the Code of More Clients, More Often!

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MINDBODY, a leading, global provider of web and mobile business management solutions for health, wellness and beauty industries, has solved the long-running problem of getting more clients in the salon, more often. How? With a new software called MINDBODY Reach™, which provides the company’s subscribers with fully automated retention tracking, reporting and marketing tools.


Watch the demo for MINDBODY Reach HERE!


MINDBODY Reach combines automated email and SMS messaging to help health, wellness and beauty businesses retain clients by reducing class and appointment no-shows, maintaining engagement with active clients and winning back lost clients. Sounds pretty great, right? The platform also provides an automated reporting capability that tracks client retention, triggering email and SMS messaging at specific times after a client’s last visit.



“Every business can benefit from more bookings, fewer no shows and better retention,” says Rick Stollmeyer, MINDBODY’s Co-Founder and CEO. “MINDBODY Reach is designed to do just that – with the potential to help businesses retain up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in the process.”


MINDBODY’s aggregate booking data indicate that nearly a third of consumers, on average, don’t return to a business within a year of their first visit. MINDBODY Reach is specifically aimed at winning back those lost clients through automated, nurturing tools with built-in offers. To date, MINDBODY Reach has won back thousands of clients for participating subscribers, helping those businesses generate significantly more revenue over time.


Subscribers who participated in the company’s Early Adopter Program were able to test MINDBODY Reach before it was released publicly. These subscribers reported receiving twice as many appointment confirmations due to the SMS messaging feature, which also cut their time calling to confirm appointments in half. One business won back 75 clients in just two weeks as a result of their MINDBODY Reach email campaigns, and another increased sales 6.5% in just a six-day period after using MINDBODY Reach.


Learn more about MINDBODY Reach at mindbodyonline.com/apps/mindbody-reach.