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February 22, 2015

MINDBODY Boosts Software Roster With App-Maker Acquisition

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By 2018, 59.1 percent of mobile phone users will use their phones to access the Internet. That amounts to a whopping 2.84 billion people! Talk about worldwide connectivity! To ensure they get a favorable slice of that globe-spanning pie, the foremost provider of software as a service technology in the wellness industry, MINDBODY, is expanding their reach with the purchase of Fitness Mobile Apps.


“We’re thrilled to further enhance our software offerings with the addition of Fitness Mobile Apps. With the mobile future upon us, we’re focused on providing our business clients with the most competitive tools around,” says MINDBODY CEO and Co-Founder, Rick Stollmeyer.


Fitness Mobile Apps currently operates in thousands of locations worldwide, allowing mobile-oriented clientele the ability to book and pay for services from the comfort of their smartphones. Whether large corporations or small mom-and-pop shops, businesses are increasingly turning to these sorts of apps for not only the customer convenience, but for their ability to reinforce their respective brand identities through customized apps. By partnering with MINDBODY, Fitness Mobile Apps has gained the ability to use one of the most efficient and reliable app software services.



“Our mobile apps are designed to help wellness businesses attract new customers, retain them and keep them engaged. Consumers use the MINDBODY Connect app to find and book local wellness services. When they visit, the business can then offer their tailored app to make subsequent visits even easier. That gives each business a direct way to engage and retain their customer,” says Rick.


Although MINDBODY and Fitness Mobile Apps have collaborated together for three years now, the acquisition allows the two companies to align their apps for far better business engagement. “As an official MINDBODY product, we can focus even more on creating a mobile experience unlike any other in the wellness industry,” says MINDBODY Senior Director of Mobile, Gregg Alexander, who is also the former CEO of Fitness Mobile Apps.