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February 28, 2015

Men Can Take the Heat!

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Men’s hair can be tricky to style. If he is looking for a more natural look, without all the heavy gels, pomades and styling aids—the FHI Heat Stylus™ is the only heat styling tool you both need in your arsenal. FHI Heat Celebrity Stylist, Gregory Patterson, shares his quick trip for styling men’s hair, naturally and easily. Best of all, once your client sees the amazing results and how easy it is to use, he will want to take the Stylus™ home—making this tool a retail home run. If he has short, curly hair with a little bit of wave, try this:

1. Start by brushing the hair down using the FHI Heat Stylus™.


2. To remove the curl up front and create a pompadour style, brush the hair into the Stylus™, placing it right behind the curl. Place your hands on the cool nylon tips and let the hair set for a minute and just roll it back.


3. Take the next section, place it just at the base, place your hand on the Stylus™ and just guide the hair back.


4. Once the curl has been pulled out, simply brush it into shape. The heat of the Stylus™ pulls out the curl and gives him the lift and the control that he’s after.


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