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November 9, 2016

Meet Mia!

close formula

How do you keep track of your color formulas? Do you do it old school with pen and paper after your client leaves your chair? Do you add it to your Snapchat story while you’re working? Or do you just hope you remember?


Hairdressers are pushing the boundaries of haircolor more than ever, and those formulas, from regular root touch-ups to fashion color creations, are getting more complicated. So imagine a tool that records and stores your color formulas in real-time—literally, while you are mixing. And what if it stored your before and after photos and posted them directly to your social media pages? Intriguing, right?


Meet Mia (aka My Intelligent Assistant) from SureTint Technologies. Mia lives on your smartphone. Her job? To totally optimize your creativity. During your client consultation, give Mia the client’s hair length, density, texture, shape and gray percentage. Then, input the technical application you’re performing—for example, a retouch, partial highlights, or other services—and she’ll give you the exact amount of haircolor and developer you need for the specific look you’re creating.


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“Mia provides real-time formula recording and storage while the formula is being created. Without it, a hairdresser might create, but they might not record or store what they actually did,” says Beth Christie, CEO of SureTint Technologies. “It gives colorists a chance to do it where they already live—on their smartphones—right in front of their guests, so they can engage the guest in discussions about what they’re planning to do, which reflects their unique, creative view.” The initial consultation with Mia boosts your credibility, since it’s so thorough. And you’ll gain clients’ trust by reproducing accurate color results on return visits. Once you save your post-color photos, Mia will also post them on your Instagram or other social channels, eliminating a time-consuming daily task while keeping your social game strong.


Besides being a smartphone-housed personal assistant, Mia has additional benefits. Take the financial savings—current customers have, on average, reduced their color purchases by 15 to 30 percent simply because they’re not pouring leftover color down the drain.


Up your color game with Mia, who lives on your phone.


Celebrity stylist Martino Cartier is a Mia lover for that very reason. “As a salon owner, I have struggled with color waste for years,” he says. “I even installed cameras in my color rooms so I can see what is going on throughout the day! No serious salon operator should be without Mia. In two months, we saved 26 percent in haircolor.”


Not to mention what that dumped color is doing to the planet! “You’re not out to waste a lot of color. You probably just don’t recognize that when you get into the habit of pouring a little more, it has an impact that adds up over time,” Beth says. “This is an eco-friendly approach to managing color. You can make an enormous improvement on the environment.”